Help! Interview at an Surgical Eye Center. Feedback Appreciated

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    I am about 10 minutes new to the site. I view the site often, because it seems to always be the first to pop up in my search on google for everything nursing related. So I figured, why not join! Anyhow, I am a new grad RN. Graduated in May. I have been an LVN since 2009 with SNF experience and about 6 months pysch/prison nursing experience. My most recent job as an RN (which I quit 2 days ago) was at a SNF which was absolutely horrible. I worked there for 5 months. The management seemed very unorganized and the whole vibe of the place was just really unprofessional. The pay was beyond subpar as well.

    I have an interview tomorrow at a surgical eye center and would like to get some feedback on what to expect. I live in the bay area and am wondering also what the pay scale would most likely be? I have no experience in surgery but the posting stated that no experience was necessary. I believe that they are looking for an pre-op/post-op RN. From my research, there is about 5 or 6 doctors. It is Dr. owned facility and pretty busy. I think it is an eye clinic as well, with the surgery center connected. The position seems very ideal because it is Mon-Fri 6am-1:30pm. Any feedback I'd truly appreciate! Thanks
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  3. by   arnie1234
    sounds like a great opportunity if you are interested in surgery. You will probably be asked about your IV skills, ability to function well independently, to name a few things. In my experiences, physician owned ASCs (amb surg ctrs) can be a good place to work as they usually treat their staff well but the pay may not be high. These places tend to run pretty lean on staffing and you are expected to work hard. There may be a bonus if to employees at the end of the year if the center does well, so it usually behooves you to keep an eye on their bottom line and not be wasteful with resources. You will probably be required to obtain your ACLS certification as well. good luck, sounds like a good oppty!
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    Thanks for your feedback arnie1234