First interview...not sure if it went well or not

  1. I am a new grad and had my first job interview today. It was for the ambulatory surgery center at the local hospital. I'm not sure what to think of it. I was nervous and stuttered on some my answers.

    The two questions I think I messed up on were "Tell me about yourself" and "why surgery"
    For the tell me about yourself, I told them my background in terms of schooling and why I got into nursing. For the why surgery, I mentioned how my school didn't have an OR rotation but it has always been interest mine. I'm not sure if I went further on that question or not because my mind has blocked everything. They also asked me where I see myself professionally and I answered but I got tangled on it a bit. I think there was another question that I struggled a bit finding the words for, but I was able to manage.

    I felt I answered the rest of the questions well. I did take some time to give a response once they asked me the questions because I wanted to make sure I answered appropriately. There was only one question that they restated for me and I was able to answer then. I'm not sure how many positions are available but I know they were interviewing at least 7 candidates when I went.

    I want to think positively about the outcome but I'm just not sure.....Nurse managers, nurses, what do you think?

    I mentioned wanting to be part of a team, to grow professionally within the field, offering the best version of myself, providing safe and efficient care, delegation, and being willing to learn. I really wanted the position and still want it.
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  3. by   TeeDotNurse
    I am not a nurse manager I am also a new grad but it sounds to me that you were able to answer the questions just fine! If they know you are a new grad which they must, i'm sure they would expect you to be a bit nervous? I hope? I, too, have my first interview today so I am hoping they are somewhat understanding of nerves!! Did you hear back from them??