First Interview and Endorsement Answers needed!

  1. I passed the NCLEX Jan 2012 and decided to move to the East coast with my family. Once I moved in June, I applied for so many jobs and finally after one last attempt to a hospital in DC, received a call Wednesday and had my first interview today at 12!! *Excitement* I met with the Nurse Recruiter, Director and Asst Director of the Nursing unit I asked to be on. Interview went well!!! I feel really good about it! I received benefits info as well as salary and an overview of the job description and Residency program as if I already got the job! I was also told to bring in transcripts and recommendation letters and if I didn't have them, to just bring them BACK later?!? So...does this all mean that I have the job? The nurse recruiter told me that the Director will let her know and she will let me know, but after being given all this info...wouldn't it seem like I already have the job? I made sure I followed up this evening with an email thanking each for their time and patience. Hmmm..also follow up question...How long does it take to be endorsed in DC?? Thanks!
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