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  1. I have an interview with HR for RN position at BloodSource. Anyone with this experience? What kind of Qs could they ask?
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  3. by   MichelleRN32
    If you are an RN and you will get hired for a local blood bank:
    - this will be more of a leadership role. You have to not be afraid to speak up to coworkers, because safety issues may be involved (such as not scrubbing the arm for the whole 30 s with clorhexidine 2%).
    -you will be responsible for getting to blood drives on time, and your coworkers (phlebotomists) take their breaks accordingly. You are also ultimately responsible for setting up the interview stations according to your SOPs (meaning far apart so that it is considered safe, meaning no one will hear the donor's answers).
    -you will also be ultimately responsible with taking care of reactions and documenting accordingly, sending necessary paperwork to the appropriate review company (which in turn decides if protocols were followed and the blood you have collected on that day is considered safe)
    -you won't necessarily have to do apheresis, but your staff will. You are supposed to be responsible something you were not trained in; the only thing you are trained to do is tell staff to give antacid tabs, put a warm blanket on etc.
    Honestly, it is a lot of babysitting. Be prepared to forget all your skills. Make sure you are prepared to work very irregular hours and sometimes under not-so-nice conditions.
    So they can ask how comfortable you are to be a leader and how flexible you are with scheduling, if you are a timely person and you follow rules, how you would deal with conflict and if you are a whistleblower etc. Good luck, I hope it is what you are looking for!
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    did you get the job?