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  1. Hello! I'm a student nurse about to graduate in December. I have already started applying for critical care positions and was hoping for some advice on interviews. I have already had a screening interview and just did a panel interview today. The one on one screening interview wasn't so bad, but the panel interview was intimidating and nerve-wrecking. I think I choked on some of the questions I wasn't prepared for. In case I completely blew this and have to go through another panel interview again, any advice to improve my interview skills would be appreciated.
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  3. by   mariebailey
    I will tell you some things that worked for me:
    - Browse career websites, like the career section of this one, for potential interview questions, and contemplate some potential responses. Even if none of the questions you expect are asked, you are entering the interview feeling prepared, which is a good feeling.
    - Attempt this frame of mind: this is going to be a pleasant conversation among intelligent adults with mutual interests, and I have a lot to offer, or I would not be offered an interview.
    - Dress conservatively with neutral colors.
    - Ask the interviewer(s) questions, whether it’s about the organizational culture, supervisory styles, training/educational opportunities, opportunities for advancement, or whatever concerns you.
    - If you are really interested in the job, say so at the conclusion of the interview; don’t leave them guessing.