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1st RN job interview... TIPS???

  1. 1 Hi everybody,

    I recently became a licensed RN and it was one of the happiest and proudest moments in my life. Yesterday, I received a call back from a large university teaching hospital for a Telemetry position, nights. While I am beyond happy and excited for the possibility in front of me, I'm also terrified and worried. Being a nurse is a huge responsibility and being new and inexperienced can be very intimidating. I know everyone has orientation and isn't expected to know everything there is to know the 1st day... but I'm still so worried now!!! I haven't even gotten the job (just an interview) and I'm worried! Lol

    Right now I'm working as a part time nursing assistant at a small, community hospital. I like it here because we all know each other and I like that. There are no job openings for RNs right now though. A coworker from the ICU is also a nurse manager of the ICU at the larger teaching hospital. He's helped me a lot to even get this interview.

    Just feels like everything is happening so fast!!! I'm sooo happy, but soooooo nervous now! Can anybody please give me some pointers??

    Thanks so much,

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    Congrats on the interview. I've only had a few interviews before I was hired but my advice is DRESS PROFESSIONALLY! This means not only your clothes, but your hair, nails, etc. The last interview I went on, one of the applicants was dressed in yoga pants and sneakers! Another applicants was dressed nice but her hair was a mess! I definitely noticed the interviewers checking out our nails, etc. Second, look up some typical interview questions, research the hospital and make a list of a few good questions to ask. Good luck & let us know how it went!
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    I had my very first interview a couple weeks ago and I was so nervous I was shaking!! LOL So you are not alone! I could barely think of answers to the questions, my mind went blank...

    Then a week later I had my second interview and I was SO much more relaxed and confident and I thought the interview went great...still waiting to here back for that job and the waiting is the hardest part!

    Definitely dress professionally and have a couple good clinical experiences to share.

    I found this guide really helpful: http://nursing.jhu.edu/life-at-hopki...view_guide.pdf

    Just relax, be confident and smile! Good luck!!
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    Thank you guys... well I was so nervous too but tried to relax and remain professional yet personable at the same time LOL ...but it's been two days and I'm getting so worried that someone else more experienced/outgoing etc., will get the job over me. Ugh! I think the interview went okay though. The questions threw me off (this was my first EVER interview for an RN position)

    I'm just going to pray, keep my fingers crossed, and my other options opened (which aren't many at all in NY trust me).

    Good luck too
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    Omg! Thank you so much for that link!!! It's awesome!!! Haha
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    Here's mine:
    I was over an hour late to an interview one time b/c the GPS wouldn't work and I drove all over DC and Virginia. Oddly enough, I was offered the position. My advice: Arrive VERY late . I'm totally kidding.
    • Ask them questions: about the organizational culture, you potential supervisor's leadership style, training, learning, & career growth opportunities
    • Know your potential employer - review their "about" section of their website, read press releases, etc.
    • Think of it as a conversation among intelligent adults with mutual interests rather than an interview; it makes it less intimidating.
    • Dress in neutral colors
    • Go to the career section of this website or something like monster.com and read over potential interview questions to ponder over
    • MAJOR TIP :redlight:: Employers seem to be moving away from cut & dry questions like "What are your weaknesses"? They seem to ask questions that better assess your behavior/personality. I've had a lot of scenario questions thrown at me during my last job search like "Tell me a/b a time when you disagreed with your supervisor and how you handled it." Prepare for those!
    Good luck!!!
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    Thanks for that link ZellRN!! I also have an interview tomorrow and am so nervous! Trying to calm down by doing a little deep breathing....don't feel prepared! But I'm working on that this evening! Wish me luck.....
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    I hope you got the position ... and THanks for the link ZellRN ... and Definitely dress professionally and have a couple good clinical experiences to share.
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    Help!!! I interviewed yesterday for icu fellowship and the interview last 15-20 min. I was interviewed by 2 nurses manager from icu. They were extremely nice, but they only asked me 3 questions, and asked me to ask them questions. I asked them about 7 questions, and I asked for a tour they were really happy that I asked for it. They showed me everything and introduced me to the staff. My concern is that in the end she told me to email her next week and ask about the process. She also told me to put on the email things we discuss do she knows who I'm. Is it a bad sign. She said to email her so she can tell the DON about me. I asked how many openings she said 6 and is interviewing 20 people. I'm really anxious about it. This is a dream opportunity. I'm a new-grad no experience. Thank u!!!
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    Ok this is totally not in response to the topic above but it's about me showing up to my RN job interview a day early I am worried now that they may take this against me. Any advice on what I can say to the managers on my actual interview day??? I feel so bad :{
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    Quote from fargasmm
    Ok this is totally not in response to the topic above but it's about me showing up to my RN job interview a day early I am worried now that they may take this against me. Any advice on what I can say to the managers on my actual interview day??? I feel so bad :{
    Just a heads up, you should start your own thread cause I noticed you posted this on 3 separate threads that clearly didnt relate to the topic. ANYWAY, I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you show up on the actual day also, you should be fine. Just tell them you mixed up the dates.
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    hopefully they think you are eager for the job and hire you. let us know how it went.
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    Love the link given!