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I was wondering if there is any way to find out a list of which hospitals use certain computer charting systems? I'm looking for CA hospitals that use EPIC in particular. Or how do you find... Read More

  1. by   rninformatics
    Epic's methodolgoy is to not allow any orginizational customization for a several at least a year giving the organization the opportunity to stabalize related to the major changes related to the implementation. Not saying this methodology is right or wrong just saying that Epic is very up front with there methodology and have been known to walk away from contract negotiations if an organization is not willing to follow Epic's methodology.
    So more than likely it was not the fault of the facility but perhaps a bad implementation period. Big bang is also not neccessarily a bad idea - there are many variables. Those who have hads many years of implementation experience across multiple vendor products would say there are pros and cons to pilots too.

    Quote from EMR*LPN
    I was at one go live that took the Epic product "right out of the box" and had nothing but trouble with a big bang implementation. So it is possible to have trouble if the facility does not put forth the effort to customize the product for their specific needs.
  2. by   newnurse20
    you can download an app in your iphone "mychart" it will show you the states that have EPIC program
  3. by   Brownie50
    Big Bangs are a very bad idea! I have been a Epic Ambulatory and Epic ASAP builder for 4 years certified, (two years prior to cert for a total of 6 yrs), and you can't take Epic Model out of the box and have it work correctly for a particular facility! Hospitals and Clinics should not be conformed to Epic, Epic should be conformed to hospitals and clinics! Also even though Epic tries to push using their model records, I continually advocate for the client to NEVER use model records, but to customized them. If anyone wants to know why I will explain. I have done 10 implementations of Ambulatory, HOD, and IP/ED, and I believe I speak from experience. I know of no where that Epic has walked away from a client who wouldn't do it their way, as I have always seen that the client has the last word. That is not to say that Epic won't send a client a denial of responsibility if the client won't do it their way.

    Please note, that although I don't agree with everything Epic does, I really enjoy being an Epic builder, as the product has fantastic intergation and functionality. I also have seen my income triple, so I have nothing but love for Epic, just not out of the box!
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    I absolutely love your UserID! Genius!!!
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    I am a Go-Live consultant and also in nursing school. I would like to pick your brain on becoming a builder. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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    Do you enjoy working with Epic? Are you a nurse? Do you like the ambulatory position? I am a PACU RN & have been a super user for 2 years. I love my current job. I applied (by the encouragement of my manager and co-workers) for a ambulatory analyst position within our hospital. Interview went great...I really liked the Hiring Manager. I love patient care and not sure if this is the move for me. I have 2 children & work part time to be with them. Big career change will affect my family. Epic is a puzzle to me and I love figuring out ways to make charting easier and more proficient. I am always playing and finding short-cuts to share with my coworkers so we can spend more time doing "patient care"....instead of facing the computer. I'm not sure if I like the idea of driving up to 80 different Dr's offices. Any advice??
  8. by   NurseTabL
    I live in GA and Piedmont Healthcare uses Epic. I love it so much better than meditech!
  9. by   Best_Name_Ever
    Nice list, but none of the hospitals in my area are on this.
  10. by   Brownie50
    The list posted from the link is far from complete. I would look at a hospital's website, and either do a search on their jobs site, or their press releases. There are many hospitals that have just started their implementation of Epic.
  11. by   adeshyne
    hello brownie50, pls am interested in epic. Can you pls show me the ropes? (Am also a nurse/ software developer)
  12. by   mmc51264
    Live in Eastern NC-Triangle area. Most hosp are Epic here: Duke system, UNC system and WakeMed system