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I am currently an ICU nurse with a background in education. Through my experiences in working with the public, I've established that I just really don't like people all that much. Informatics sounds like it would be a good match... Read More

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    Quote from mclennan
    Hey, I hate people too, so I went into telephonic case management. Instead of running my butt off and talking to people face to face all day, I sit in a little office and call post-discharge patients and do pre-op assessments all day. Each call has a script, I listen to answers, document the SOAP and my impressions, communicate with docs and specialists, all over email and phone. It's not ZERO contact with humanity, but it's very detached. Way less stress and much better use of my nursing theory and critical thinking skills.
    Would you describe your "WAY IN" into telephonic case management from bedside nursing?

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    OP you described me to a tee. The older I get the more I realize I'm not a people person. I'm going back to school for IT. It was a toss up between IT or Informatics. I decided on IT to have more options. I never suffered from anxiety before but I'm starting to suffer from it now when I know I have to go to work the next day. I dread going to work and I am super excited about going back to school. Knowing that I won't be at the bedside much longer helps me get through my shifts.

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    Quote from AlwaysLeaRN

    Would you describe your "WAY IN" into telephonic case management from bedside nursing?
    I got my Public Health Nursing license WITH my RN after I passed NCLEX. I did my first year of bedside, then got a job as a PHN in a community health clinic. Worked days as ambulatory clinic PHN. Did that for 4 years. It involved a lot of following patients and chronic disease/case management. It was super awesome experience.

    During those 4 years I obtained ANCC Board Certification in Ambulatory Nursing AND Case Management.

    When I applied for this CM job, the interview lasted 10 minutes. I was hired!

    I HIGHLY recommend racking up some experience in ambulatory care clinic nursing, Public Health nursing or ANYTHING that exposes you to chronic condition management or following patients. Get Board Certification.

    If you don't have a BSN, forget it.

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