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Hi everyone, I am considering Walden's MSN nursing informatics program and was wondering if anyone here has completed the program or is currently enrolled, and what you think of the program. Do you... Read More

  1. by   joyncaring
    Quote from onegoodnerve
    Yes I'm still enrolled at Walden, but I decided to pursue my masters in mental health counseling.
    Onegoodnerve, how do you like that program so far? So far so good?
  2. by   thecool1Nscrubs2no
    Im at Walden, studying MSN-Nursing Informatics. I'm in the middle of the 2nd ses. So far so good. My classes run for eight weeks at a time.
  3. by   mrvlegov
    Hi I am looking into Walden's new FNP program. I am currently enrolled in another FNP program but it is a new online program. I know that Walden's FNP is a new program but I also know they have been doing distance learning in other areas for many years. I am dissatisfied with the set-up and interaction of the teachers at the school I am in now. I basically feel like I have no teacher and the work is very unclear. I am wondering if Walden's system may be better since they are more accustomed to online education? I know no one has completed the FNP program, but for those of you who have attended Walden's other programs, how is the set-up and teachers?