Telenursing Survey

  1. I am involved in the 2004 Telenursing survey that is running between now
    and mid December. If your a nurse or know of a nurse involved in
    telehealth, we would like your input. If you need a code to enter or would
    like some more information, please feel free to contact me or the
    principals below? This survey is a landmark effort to describe the current
    state and future direction of Telenursing Practice around the world.
    Nurses in call centers, telemedicine programs, web based telehealth sites,
    technology companies, etc any nurse involved with providing the
    care/education of patients remotely, or supporting the care/education of
    patients remotely are eligible to participate in the survey.

    The survey is jointly sponsored by Mount Aloysius College Division of
    Nursing in the United States. iTelehealth Inc., a nurse owned Telehealth
    company, and the International Council of Nurses in Geneva Switzerland. To
    go to the survey, please go to the following url.url.

    The code for the survey is 128

    Thank you in advance,

    Bob Pyke Jr.
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