Starting my classes in nursing informatics next week.

  1. 0 I am starting my classes in nursing informatics from grand canyon university next week. I was reading all the forums in his thread. As per many people advised especially the moderator I joined IRN commitee in my hospital. Next week is the first meeting. I also took an appointmengt with the director of nursing informatics to just let her know my goals and keep in touch with her. I emailed so many people in our hospital so that they can give me a oppurtunity to work in any project so I can learn something. Also I wanted to know along with my msn can I would like to study something about computers because I am not very good at computers but I want to learn. Please advice like what course in computers should I take.
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    I am considering attending this school in the nursing informatics program. I have read many negative reviews. I wanted to know how is your experience so far.
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    sorry I did not reply for so long...seriously after a yar. I grauated an I got a job too. I am excited
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    Quote from asha2003
    Sorry I did not reply for so long... seriously after a year. I graduated and I got a job too. I am excited
    Hey asha2003,

    You should share the story of your journey from the time you wanted to be an informatics nurse to the time you got your degree to where you are now - I am sure it will be interesting for everyone who is just looking to start out

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