Question for Experienced Informatics Nurses

  1. Hello,
    I was fortunate to land a position recently as a Clinical Informatics Nurse at a hospital with less than 100 beds in Massachusetts. The IT Department is quite small and I soon realized after the first few weeks that I am primarily responsible for facilitating my own orientaiton to the job.
    Although I have an MS in Nursing/Healthcare Informatics, my IT experience it limited. If anyone has experienced this themselves, or developed training materials for staff in my role, your advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   oneLoneNurse
    I am assuming if it's a small hospital in MASS its Meditech. I just started two weeks ago, and most of my orientation has been self study.

    U must become a member of several users' groups: Welcome | MUSEWeb - Medical Users Software Exchange

    U must get a login to this site; you must check with your IT department to ensure you have an account, but there are many webinars U will find useful to get you up to speed:

    I don't know what version you are running, but know that the structure between the versions vary. We are using Meditech 6.07.

    Email me if I can be of any help. Good luck.