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Hi everybody. Looks like it was discussed a lot before but I still can't understand: Is it possible to use my previous computer bacground in nursing???? I have Master's in Computer science and math.... Read More

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    In reality you need neither a degree in computer science nor a degree in computer information systems to practice in the specialty of nursing informatics or clinical informatics.

    Either degree major -- CS or CIS can only enhance your practice and marketability.

    If your thoughts are that an advance degree (without past clinical practice experience and previous experience as a informaticist) will guarantee you a position would be an erroneous assumption.

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    You can only be NI with a CS degree or any computer degree? What about a Computer Information Systems degree? I was originally majoring in Health Information Management but changed it to CIS. Will that still apply towards NI? Also, what is the usual median salary of a NI RN?:behindpc:

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    As Angela as said, you don't need a CIS or IS or CS degree to go into nursing informatics. You do need clinical experience. If you happen to have a technical degree or are currently working on one, then it can be a career advantage for many, but not all, positions. If you are looking for an advanced degree to help you in nursing informatics and are looking at the two options of technical degree versus MS in nursing informatics, then it takes some very very careful thought about what your career goals are and what type of work you like to do. One is not better than the other, it all depends on what you want to do in informatics. As for CS versus CIS, it depends on what the university describes these degrees as. Either one is fine, depending on what you plan to do with it in the future. For basic nursing informatics work, either is fine.
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    Does it matter where you get your clinical experience (i.e., outpatient services, surgery centers, etc)?
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    Hi Ms Deeva,

    Where you get your clinical experience will probably matter related to exactly what you plan to do in informatics and how knowledgeable you are related to the big picture of the healthcare environment and health delivery systems. Possessing strong clinical practice knowledge guides you in how best informatics can improve practice and patient care. Obtaining med-surg nursing experience is recommended to new grads to provide foundational knowledge so too is this same foundational knowledge recommended for a clinical informaticist.

    It only matters if you are ONLY going to be working with outpatient/ambulatory specific systems. It only matters if there will NEVER be a need for your clinical users to access previous labs done in-patient on your patient who is coming for an out-patient procedure. It only matters if you don't care what or when Mr. Smith was last hospitalized even though he is presenting to outpatient for a follow up vist s/p being diagnosed with IDDM.
    It only matters if your pediatric out-patient is hospitalized and the admitting nurse wants to know what immunizations he last had and when, and I could go on and on..... It's called integrated delivery network/systems.

    Additionally you want to think about skills that translate across practice settings such as having a thorough understanding of all clinicians (read that as the interdisciplinary team's) work flow processes, patient acuity needs, best practice, standards, change management, documentation needs, etc. Think about skills and knowledge that cross patient settings and include department specific as well as organizational needs. You need to have a thorough understand of how healthcare is delivered and by whom -- clinical best practice

    Quote from msdeeva
    Does it matter where you get your clinical experience (i.e., outpatient services, surgery centers, etc)?
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    Thanks rninformatics. Your reply addressed many of the concerns that I was stressing about. I eventually want to become an informatics nurse, but I might have a great opportunity at an outpatient center after I graduate. If I choose to take the position, I am concerned that it would hinder my aspirations in the long run, but on the other side of the coin, the position might afford me the opportunity to integrate systems into the practice. It's a big committment, but I think I'll see how it plays out depending on if they have a competitive salary with the hospitals in my surrounding area.

    Thanks again for the advice.

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