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Nursing Informatics Program

  1. 0 Hi,

    I am looking for a post-graduate certification program in Nursing Informatics. Preferably in the Boston,Ma. area.
    Is anyone aware of any?
    Or a distance learning program. Thank You for your help.
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    Contact the Boston Area Nursing Informatics
    Consortium (BANIC) A network of Boston Area Nursing Informatists. Debra Furlong at the VA Hospital in West Roxbury is the current Chair of the group. See contact info below.

    Debra Furlong, Chair,
    Olivia Breton, Past Chair,

    For certification programs contact Regents, Duke, University of Maryland and University of Colorado.
    Also see ANA/ANCC's site for national certificaiton.

    Good Luck!
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    Try Northeastern University. They have a nursing informatics track as part of the MSN program. They may have a certificate or at least some courses you can take.