nursing informatics.

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    I have a degree in Zoology and a diploma in nursing (Psychiatry nursing). I am interested to take the nursing informatics course.
    What does it take to gain admission to any college to train for this course.
    Secondly, I live in London; do you know of any university in London that offer this course or can l take the course as an external candidate in any recommended university in the USA.

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    I've been investigating this specialty for about 6 months. There are two masters programs in the US--Univ. of Utah and Univ. of Maryland in Baltimore for an actual degree in Nursing Informatics. The nurses in Mississppi are getting a masters in Health Informatics because there currently isn't a long distance program. StanFord University offers a short coarse in Medical Informatics via Internet. But no degree,only certificates. The Nursing Informatics group are members of the Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). They have a great web site with education, conferences, journals, etc. There is also an international association (IMIA). You might find some information through them. Good luck in your search. Jellea
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    Duke University and University of Mary both offer Nursing Informatics Degrees. Duke also offers a post masters certificate and U of M offers a certificate. ANA offers national certification in the US.
    Here are links to Nursing Informatics organizations in the UK.

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