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So I start in August 2011 at Western Governors University. I actually found out about the school here because they offer a BSN and license for RN. I wanted to do nursing informatics but I found out I could go this route too. Plus... Read More

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    Hi all, I've been an L&D RN for 18 years, currently finishing up RN to BSN at WGU. I'm looking to get out of bedside nursing and want to get into informatics, I've been a computer geek since the 80s. Was looking at WGU's health informatics BS and thinking of doing that next, but do I really need it if I have a BSN? I mean, will the combination of nursing experience and a BSN be enough to get me into the field. I've been using Epic for the past five years but have never been a super-user. I'm leaving my long-time job to be a travel nurse next week, so becoming a superuser at my current job is not an option (wish I had thought of it a few years ago). I'm interested in traveling/consulting/go-live support etc, does anyone have a company they can recommend where I can get my foot in the door? Also, those of you who went through WGU's informatics program, do you recommend it?

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    I'm applying to this program too. I've been a super user twice and actually when I decided to go back to school it was a choice between IS or nursing. But I have a question do you recommend this degree or the regular IT degree? I want to make myself more marketable and thought having the general IT degree would allow me to look beyond healthcare if needed.
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    Hello and happy holidays! I am a LPN and currently getting my BS in healthcare management with a Health informatics concentration. For me it I believe it is the best route. I recently was hired by a large HMO for UM review and I thinks my degree with push me over the top. I really don't think I need my RN at this point. Does anyone know what grad degree would best compliment my LPN and BS degree?
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    I just applied to WGU for Health Informatics and plan to get my masters in Healthcare administration after I complete the HI program. I'd love to hear some feedback!!! (I'm currently an LPN)

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