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So I start in August 2011 at Western Governors University. I actually found out about the school here because they offer a BSN and license for RN. I wanted to do nursing informatics but I found out I... Read More

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    I just applied to WGU for Health Informatics and plan to get my masters in Healthcare administration after I complete the HI program. I'd love to hear some feedback!!! (I'm currently an LPN)
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    s-Rank I hope you're still on here! Did you end up getting your health informatics degree straight from Lvn?? Or which route did you end up going?? I am an lvn and I want to head into health informatics but would like to know if there's a route to go instead of lvn to rn to bsn to health informatics... blah blah. It would be nice to bypass all that!! Any info would be great!!