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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to pursue my nursing career into informatics. I have been working in med/surg for 5 years. My hospital has been using EMR for documentation. Can anyone advise me how to get start? Sometime I search informatic jobs, they always require leadership or computer experiences and I get timid.
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  3. by   WifeMotherRN1
    I think the job may ask for leadership qualifications, to make sure your able to teach classes about the hospital/clinic specific EMR system with confidence.
    Don't get nervous about it, if you fit the qualifications and can learn as you go, you'll be fine.
    When are you thinking about starting school?
  4. by   ikarus7401

    rininformatics has gone over this question. She even wrote a blog post on this which is found on this forum, but here is the link. Have you also browsed the older question on this forum? Nonetheless,the most common answer to your question is, get involved in any way with your hospitals EMR team. However, read the blog post above for more details.

    You mentioned your hospital user EMR documentation. Have you become one of the experts using it? Can you train the new nurses in your unit on how to use? And you don't really have to ask permission to do this. When others see you are an expert using the system, then they come to you, and next thing you know, word gets around that you're one of the savvy computer nurses on the floor and then when an implementation comes around, you're asked to be a super user.

    That's a possible scenario, but the idea is for you to get involved right now (if not yesterday) with your EMR team. You don't know who they are? Find out!

    Most jobs description tend to be a bit more general than you would expect, but maybe also try to find entry level positions. These are hard to find as many employers don't advertise this, so then all you can do is send out your resume and see if they call you.
  5. by   roseey
    Thanks for your two responds. In my hospital, there is not EMR team and is ONLY ONE informatics nurse. I had got involved at once time while the ER went on live. That is the reason, I found out myself more into this area. I am thinking to start studying in this area, but I would prefer a certification program, because I want to see myself whether really interested in this area. Anyone have any suggestions for school?