I like nursing, computers and puzzles.

  1. Hello, I'm 24 years old a Male RN who has been working 6 months on Med/Surg and regretting( sort of, mainly) it. I feel SUPER guilty, however I don't like it so much. Actually, there are days I like it, and most days I don't. But I'm still going to stick through it best I can.

    Currently have my Associates RN and have to go back for my BSN or Bachelors degree of some type. I have a background of working with computers in my local Electronics store as a Computers Sales/Retail as well as Computer Technician and Repair I did that for about 3 years. While I did that I gained more experience on fixing software, and hardware issues as well as meeting the requirements of clients and customers for their electronic and computer needs. I was great at customer service, and was known as the "Customer escort* because I was great with customers.

    My question is, how do I get into nursing informatics? Do I have to have a background in Computer Science? Programming? Would my experience of sales and repair be of help? What do RNs do in Informatics? How does my RN play into Informatics? Are there subspecialties? such as programmers? Technicians? Sales?

    I like using computers, building, repairing, they're sort of puzzles to me. I also like the medical field and absolutely love using gadgets and tech stuff (what guy doesnt). I'm thinking of informatics or OR Nurse.

    If anyone can be of help please share anything they may have!! What is the typical day like? Stress?!?!?!?!!? Pay? Demand?
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    Greetings Shrizeal,

    Please take a look at previous posts on this Forum and you will find the majority of the answers to your questions. Scroll down at the bottom of the Forum for posts that have been pinned and contain what a day in the life of several informatics professionals is like and more! Use the Forum search tool to search for specific topics and answers.
    This article may also be of help:
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    I realized shortly after I posted the topic up actually that the sticky was at the bottom as opposed to being at the top.

    A question regarding SuperUser. Is that just a person who's good with the EMR who just helps other staff with it? That's what I already do, I'm known as the computer guy on the unit, because if there's a computer problem chances are I can solve it, unless the network goes down haha. Is this an official title I have to obtain from somewhere? Do I need to get it in writing?
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    a "Super user" is usually an unpaid, volunteer role. Hospital departments often identify their "super users" as those that represent the unit related to new implementations, training, etc.
    Just because the staff on the floor refer to you as the "computer guy" does not mean you have the authority to trouble shoot computer software or hardware issues exclusive of your role as a practicing staff nurse. I'm sure your nursing colleagues appreciate your assistance but why not confirm your extra duties with your manager and the IT/IS department - especially if you are interested in moving into an informatics role.