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Hi. I wanted to know what differences/similarites there are btw. health information managment and medical informatics? I got into a HIM program and waiting to hear about a medical informatics... Read More

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    hi, i'm new to this site. I'm a nurse by education but haven't passed the board exam here in PHP. may i know how to pursue medical informatics education? coz i'm currently employed as a marketing staff of an i.t. company which is focused on the healthcare industry.. thanks a lot
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    Found a new Webinar from UIC. Enjoy!

    The Difference Between Health Informatics and HIM
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    Hello, just wondering if you were successful in your quest. Are there actual opportunites in nursing or healthcare informatics in Australia? When I look I do not see a lot of roles but see a lot when it comes to coding. Any information you can provide will be helpful. Thank you.