BSN in psych, super-user...but how to get up into NI

  1. I have a BS in Nursing, and a 15-credit certificate in Nursing Education. I was recently trained as a super-user for a new performance evaluation system which went live this year (which my NM conveniently thought was too complicated for all of our staff to use we won't do self evals this year but she will do individual computerized evals for all of us. grrrr...) and I'm going to be testing new software and hardware because our MC-70 CareMobile devices are being phased out. I love my job in psych and thought for a while that I wanted to pursue an MSN in Psych-Mental Health Nursing to be a NP but I've always had a knack with computers and I keep things running smoothly on my unit. I'm helping out with simple things like using MS Word (lol) and tricks to modifying documentation in MedConnect and I seriously love it.

    Does anyone out there still stay clinical and do nursing informatics? Are you satisfied with your interaction level with clinical staff? I'm worried about getting too far away from the clinical environment. I'm currently networking with one of the informatics nurses in our hospital but I would like to be more of a taste of the field before I plunge head-first into a different MSN program. Advice please?
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