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I am so confused, what will i do? :cry: i have applied last march 2012 for the pre-employment training of SLMC but i was not contacted thereafter, i assumed that i failed the exam and did not bother... Read More

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    May 4. Just before the last batch commenced.
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    thanks for replying. Noice! good luck on your training
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    PGNT Batch 4 will start on November 5. Goodluck participants!
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    Goodluck also!
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    ^ Are/Were you a participant? From what batch?
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    Me? nope. Hahaha! But i'm looking forward. I just passed June 2012 NLE so i don't have my id yet. I'll pass my req'ts maybe january next year.
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    ^ Good luck then! Anyways, I heard that Batch 5 is tentative next year. Batch 4 will be the last batch for 2012.
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    Oh. That's explains it. Because when i called their office they told me to submit my req'ts on january hahaha
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    Pgnt batch 4 in slmc qc will start nov12.yes im getting nervous already! Hi guys gudluck on your aplicaxon..hope we see each other there=)
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    ^ Goodluck Dan!

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