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I am so confused, what will i do? :cry: i have applied last march 2012 for the pre-employment training of SLMC but i was not contacted thereafter, i assumed that i failed the exam and did not bother... Read More

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    Quote from MickeyMouseMilky
    How did ur interview go? What's next for you now? We were in the same group for exam and interview last march18 i think, based on the previous threads. I havent received any call/text from them for the panel interview. Does that mean I didnt make it thru the cut?
    the result of the final interview was given right after the whole set of interviewees were done. luckily, i passed. Thank God, after that we had orientation regarding their PGNT program. I belong to the second batch for this year which is batch 14-02, which i believe will start on april 24. BTW the third batch will start on july and the last batch will start on november, tentatively.

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    My final interview happened yesterday and fortunately, all of us who got interviewed that day passed! Orientation date is on april 10. I dont as to what batch we belong.
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    it went well.. I passed the panel interview .. and I believe were on the same batch 1402? hehehe.. #prez
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    i'm pretty sure you will be on batch 1403 that will start on july :-)
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    hi! congrats for passing the final interview. can you please give some tips as to how should we prepare for the panel interview? thanks!
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    Hi does anybody knew the new schedule of training for batch 1403?
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    are u with batch 1402 cuz I am... I believe that batch 1403 will start by next year.. and our batch is currently on freeze unfortunately.. :-(
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    i'm supposed to be in batch 1402, but since batch 1402 started last april and i have other plans that month i can't make it. i decided to be in batch 1403 instead. did they tell what went wrong or why was it postponed? what phase are you in?
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    Hi! Does anyone here been tagged by HR as "for future reference" applicant? I don't know if I should call the HR and ask if there are any hopes for my application?
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    hi guys, any news about the training in st lukes quezon city? thanks
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