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my license will expire this june 2008, can I renew it before june? what are the procedures how to renew it in PRC? thank you! :wink2:... Read More

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    Quote from gambutrol
    how many months before I can renew?! min will expire in february 2010.. in what month can I renew it this year 2009?!

    you can only renew it on the year of the expiration before your birthdate right? not a year earlier than that.

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    So, there are no requirements as far as the CE units are concerned? :caduceus:
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    Woah.. 6 wks?!
    Thank God I read this as early as now.. Thanks!!!
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    hello!,. i just wonder, is it ok to renew my prc license here in my province even if i processed my license in manila?.. thanks!
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    PRC sucks!!!
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    Quote from Kittykat06
    Just got off from PRC for renewal. Milkshake_rn yes you can actually mine will be expired on june also.

    You will need:
    - to fill up renewal form (green color, half coupon bond size)
    - at least 2pcs photo passport sized, white background w/ name tag
    - Current PRC license photocopy
    - Renewal fees P450.00
    - ballpen
    - paste/glue

    - filled out PRC form attached your photo on the right upper corner
    - proceed to window 14 for assessment
    - payment at window 15
    - window 16 for passing your phocopied PRC, form, receipt, add'l photo (1), after a while you will be given a claim slip.

    April 17 - filled
    May 30 - released............ took 6weeks

    Wow thanks for the info... I t is really a great help, btw I lost my license but I have copies of it, so all I need to do now to be able to renew is follow the process and no need to surrender the old license.. I'm so happy
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    hello ,

    I just want to know if I can renew my prc license 2 months before it expire ?

    Thank you
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    Quote from dannielrn23
    hello ,

    I just want to know if I can renew my prc license 2 months before it expire ?

    Thank you
    yeah. my friend told me it took a day to renew the license in prc manila unlike in provinces which takes 3-4 months

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