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hello friends, i went to poea last wednesday to pass my requirements. they told me to wait for their text message, just wondering how long does it take for them to text me?... Read More

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    to all kfmc nurses sro posted that they will be deploying on sept3, 24, and oct 15..

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    Hi to everyone! I am new on this site, and to this thread. I actually need your advice, my fellow RN's. Can you help me with my dilemma? I am a nursing grad from batch 2006. Right after board exam, I worked as a call center agent, in a healthcare account. After one and a half year of working there, I applied as a staff nurse in a private hospital in Riyadh. During that time, hiring nurses without experience is not as strict as it is right now, where 2 years of experience is required. After 2 years of working, which ended last year, August 2010, I was unemployed. No nursing jobs or anything. It is not that I could not find any, I actually passed a lot of exam and interviews for government hospitals in Saudi. It is just that my family have gone through a serious financial problem that I was forced also to use my savings. As a result, I was not able to pay all the processing and placement fees of my agencies. I tried to apply in POEA and was actually included last delegation. But the problem is that, there were no job orders released for us. Until now, I am waiting for their call. I actually gave up following it up and wondering if I can still find another job opportunity abroad despite my 1 year gap? Can I re-apply to POEA again with my employment gap? Your opinions, advice and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks much.
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    hi everyone im new here.. i just want to ask is there any delegations for this october bound to KSA? thanks.
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    am new hir! and planning to go to SRO tom to try my luck! goodluck all nurses!
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    are they still hiring staff nurses in SRO?
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    Guys, can I apply to POEA SRO even if I only have a year of experience from a private, tertiary hospital? TIA!
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    guyz,anyone here knows when would be the nxt delegation?i went to poea a month ago to pass my requirements but they did'nt accept my apllication,they told me that they cannnot accept yet coz still no delegation.. anyone who have any idea when?or can i go walk in,in sro?thankyou..guyz..im really really hopeless right now..
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    does somebody know here when will be the next delegation? please..i came from Mindanao and i waited long already.. someone told me that there will be delegation this October but there is no news until now..The poea window M does not accept application since august,sept, oct., My friend went to SRO last week and told that there will be delegation this first week of November.. im not sure
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    can i ask favor from anyone,if you will know any updates about the delegation of nurse this nov.kindly just inform me here..thankyou!
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    Anyone here who knows when will POEA resume accepting applications? TIA!

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