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Just graduated last March 2008 and took the boards this June. The thing is, I'm a chronic carrier of Hepatitis B. I already searched the forums and from what I've read, hospitals in the USA, Canada, UK etc do hire nurses with... Read More

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    @waterleily: Please update me too regarding your process.. I will always pray for you too.. Just be thankful that God has lways give us a healthy status...In what field in nursing you wanna take up soon??.. Anyway, actually I am a single mom thats why I badly need to aim high for the future of my son..Wish us all the best!!!

    @mayumi: Thank you soo much for your inspiring story..

    AND I do hope to those people who had same experience please share it to us especially to those nurses in Australia now.
    THANKS in Advance!!Godbless you
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    how is ur new zealand venture?
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    Hello Guys! I am so happy to inform you that my student visa for Melbourne, Australia has been approved.. My class will start on August 6, 2012.. I really thanked God for his help.. I hope we all can make it.. God Bless All!

    P.S., As long as you are asymptomatic it won't be a problem..
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    hi guys, im on the same boat as you guys, don't lose hope, im here in aus working as a nurse in an aged care facility, they will not discriminate you if you have it, but we do have limitations in areas we can work with, like OR, dialysis
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    hi waterleily! it's good to hear that! I am a bit worried too.. I am also a nurse here in the Phils. and I am planning to work in Victoria Australia.. What are other workups they have let you performed after they found out that you are Hep B reactive? Can I already take IELTS.. please give me some news.. I really want to work there,, thanks
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    @angelliRN: Yeah you can take ielts.. just apply they won't discriminate.. good luck you us!
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    Hello. waterleily. Welcome to Melbourne . I am now studying nursing in Melbourne as well. I am also a hbv carrier. could I have your email or something ?
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    in my gmail vhige09 (i don't know if we are allowed to give email add, but I just did anyway) :P
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    Wow Im so happy for yah guys...Specially to you waterleily.. Wish to see you all gaiz there,..but I need your help can you introduce good agency??hope you respond to me gaiz...God bless you all..
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    hey, waterleily, I have sent you a email. but I am not sure if I've sent to the correct email address. could you please check your email when you are free.

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