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    Oh, that's just sad. I feel bad for those who got duped and shelled hundreds of the thousands of pesos for this lot of thieves (if they are indeed proven guilty)

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    Glad something has started to be done about these people that take advantage of others
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    to : urgexxx69

    we also attended an orientation conducted by nsn worldwide located in leviste st. and i found their package a good can consider this agency coz of their transparency.everything was discussed especially the breakdown of of hertfordshire is one of their school.the package includes ielts fee and if you have already ielts they will deduct the amount of exam fee. their package is reasonable.attend first their free orientation so you can compare with others.
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    good day..

    we just have attended an orientation of ISA yesterday October 1,2010 here in Midtown Hotel in Cebu and i was really got hooked to it. I even had discussed it with my mother and yields a good result. Furthermore, I even shared such great opportunity with my close friends and they got interested as well but warned me to try to do some research as they are so many deceiving agencies popping out this times; thus, it opted to do some research to discern if it is a bogus or fact and it brought me to this site.

    I have just read the news article-sept 24, 2010 published by I wonder if their operations are still legal here in Philippines despite the outbreak of such incidence. The arrested staff, was even present during that Orientation (thick-skinned if ever!). If all accusations could have been true then thanks to CIDG-Anti-Transnational Crime Division.

    Now... the excitement has just fall six feet below the ground! and it really discourages me. I was so glad but in a split of a second, after reading the different views of people here and the occurrence of the published article, i am disappointed and sad that i have to remake my nursing career plans!

    So guys, do a little research if it excites u too much!
    Good thing i haven't laid any bread!
    if you fellow nurses have suggestions of other opportunities such as this and if it is clean then it is much appreciated. Thanks for the enlightenment. Thanks for the penlight hehehe ^^
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    I went to ISA's office to withdraw my application yesterday because of the news last Sept 24 and to my surprise the company is still operating and there are still applicants having their video interview at Faces & Shots. According to one of their staff, the company was cleared from the said charge in fact ISA is now filing a counter charge against the CIDG because of the faulty entrapment operation done in their office. Also, the owner of ISA was release from detainment. Given this fact, i still decided to withdraw my application and get my parents' money back... This company is not trustworthy... By the way i was surprise with their policy regarding refund, it would take 60 working days before I could get the money which is BS. The reason given to my by one of their staff was that there are many applicants who also filed for withdrawal.
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    HAH! ISA almost got me..***!
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    Hi Vive 28. Because of the very strict British regulation on student visa, my agent has stop sending students to the UK. She said, she does not want her applicants to suffer here because the income will no longer be enough to still be able to send some money home. I beleive she is now just assisting nurses to migrate to Canada but she does not offer any jobs. Just simple migration.

    Things are not as easy here as when I arrived. Very very strict implementation of rules. In our home alone, a couple of students were sent home to the Phil. by British Home ofice because they were caught working beyond the maximum number of hours allowed.

    Our agent also sent us the list of registered employers and those who have been here more than two years already has their visa converted to work permit. All of these are done legitimately.
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    I am in Canada once again for a vacation. I am looking at the possibilities of me migrating here since UK does not allow anymore spouses of students to hold any job.
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    urgexxx69 have you applied to study connect?

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