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  1. by   kfma
    How is the interview process like? When they ask about nursing procedures, do they expect you to give a detailed answer? Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thank you!
  2. by   sabuRiNa
    @Gigie. Supposedly, I will be part of the July29 training. However, there will be another opportunity for me that I can have without paying any training fee.

    @KFM: The interview is easy. I don't know if because I am used to attending different job interviews way back when I was a call center agent. It will be a simple one-on-one interview. But 2 interviewers share one room for interviewing applicants. The chief nursing supervisor plus the assistant chief nursing supervisor will do the interview. For my experience, personal and work-related questions were asked. For others, they were asked some basic nursing skills. It will depend on the interviewer's mood. My tip for you is to prepare a basic skill that you can explain well and answer possible questions related to it.
  3. by   gigie17
    @sab-burgs oh you have another opportunity at another hospital?
  4. by   sabuRiNa
    @gigie. I just got lucky to have this possible training in a local hospital in my place though it is a tertiary hospital. It just happened that I knew they will have opening for training this coming Aug as I had my IVT training there. If I don't have other option, I will grab World Citi. Just pray hard I can feel lots of hosp will open training this coming months. I can go back to World Citi once I didn't have a chance to be absorbed here as I have successfully passed the application process already. I just need to pay the fee and wait for another training period to start.
  5. by   gigie17
    @sab-burgs: Good luck to your future endeavors and God bless
  6. by   kfma
    I had my interview today. It was easy. They just asked about my previous work and training experience. I decided not to push through with the july 29 batch. The training costs P5,500 for 6 weeks and 3 days. 1 week lecture, 3 days breastfeeding seminar, and 5 weeks exposure in ward areas only. After that, there will be a final exam and oral revalida. You have to earn an average of at least 88% to qualify for their advanced nurse training. The advance training is for 3 months although you will have to choose only ONE special area (e.g. strictly ER exposure throughout the 3 mos period). I think there is an additional fee for that.

    I won't be pursuing this july batch. I'll check out other hospitals too. If not, I can be a part of their September batch and just pay the training fee & submit the other credentials listed. No need to go through the exam and interview process.

    They are still accepting applicants I think and the preceptors informed us that they conduct the interviews daily. The staff are very approachable and kind so don't hesitate to ask questions should you decide to train in their hospital.

    Oh and by the way, they also informed us that in 2 years time World Citi would be merging with Philippine Ortho. The chances of being absorbed are high as long as you belong to the Top10 in your batch.
  7. by   kfma
    You will receive 2 certificates at the end of your Basic Nursing Training. Certificate of Completion and the other is for the breastfeeding seminar.
  8. by   curs3dnurs3
    Hello guys permission to meddle pls? Im a 2008 grad took the NLE in June same yearand eversince then i nevr really had an opurtunity to practice nursing. Rightafter exams i hoppd from one job to another and yes, im one of those bedazzled by the handsome paying call centers. In between jobs however i tried to do volunteer training in a regional hospital in my province upnorth. Its a shame though that i didnt even last a week because my forst rotation was in the blood bank so i got really bored. That was the last time i ever stepped into a hosptal as a nurse. Then i decided that nursing wasnt gona do me any good so i went back to the bPo. But this year i took the NClex, took ielts the second time since it expired already now im procesing my visa screen in super high hopes that i could also have a taste of that "american dream". Thats my story. Too much for an intro eh? Sorry i just thought everyone has to espcially for a new member joining the discusion.

    5 years after i turned my back on nursing, im trying to get back on track since i feel like ive been stuck in the house for quite some time now.(and i have this gut feeling that my mom is rather annoyed with it lol).

    Since this thread has not been updated for a while, I would just like to know what your current status are? Is world citi a nice hospital? When is the next batch?

    Hope to hear from any of you. Thank you.
  9. by   Abby20
    Hi! This site helped me a lot while I was researching for World Citi's nurse training and hiring process.Well, I will have my Nurse training on Jan 20, 2014. The HR personnel said that every month there's a nurse training, but the Nursing personnel said that the next one will be on March. Quite confusing, but just fine. They mentioned that the Top 1 from the previous training batch, Oct-Dec 2013, is now employed by the Nursing Department. But also, they will hire all the others, main priority will be the top 10 for the batch.
  10. by   MissNurse_2013
    Hello Let me share to you my experience in World Citi Medical Center.

    I am a part of their training last October 2013. The training is good for almost 2 months. 10 lecture days and then the rest would be the clinical rotation in the different areas of WCMC, mostly 4 to 5 days per area. At the end of the training, there will be a final exam and oral revalida. The grading system of the training is based on your attendance (NEVER be late or absent), final exam and oral revalida scores. Then your total average must be 88% and above. Graduation of the trainees are conducted on the last day. For me, the training is worth it and I learned a lot, also I have no regrets that I chose WCMC as my 1st hospital experience. In my case, I already finished the step one, as a nurse trainee. Right now, I'm on the next step I am on the process of "pre-duty"as a Nurse Floater. Goodluck and God bless you.
  11. by   MissNurse_2013
    Hi guys I have a question especially for those who had their training and now as a floater, or those who experienced to be one. What will happen next after the "pre-duty" as a nurse floater?
  12. by   vanessamaureenv
    would like to share my experience regarding the Application Process in "World Citi Medical Center" Last Thursday (jan 9) i submitted my resume & other documents needed, i just gave it to the guard at the entrance.. He will then forward it to HR. The guard told me to call the HR department after 1 week to get an update. Surprisingly it didn't took me a week because someone texted me from the HR dept yesterday (jan 13)to take the exam. great! i didn't have to wait that long. I took the exam this morning, it's fairly hard.. mostly about MS Concepts and Computation. I don't know my score yet, they said that i just have to wait for a text message for the schedule of interview.. geeez... i'm nervous.. Anyone know what are we going to talk about in the interview??? help pls
  13. by   alexidad
    Hi, are they still accepting applicants for the training? Thanks.

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