St. Luke's Global City Training 2012.

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    I was just wondering if any one has received a response from SLMC GC about the schedule of PGNT1 for batch 2? I already have submitted my requirements and I have paid the initial training fee just recently but I haven't received any text message yet about the schedule of the training. I am just a bit worried because I received a call from a number I don't recognize on Friday about 5:30 AM and I wasn't able to answer it. SLMC told me that the training will probably start last Friday but then again I haven't received any text message from them. I hope the number is not theirs and that the training will start soon. :|
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    I think you should call the HR or the Nursing Training Office on monday or text the one who called you last friday in a very polite manner.

    May I know if SLMC said anything or do you have any knowledge if they will conduct any more trainings in the next coming months? When did you pass your application and may we also know the dates and the processes you've been through? Thanks in advance!
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    Moved to the Philippine Nursing Forum for more of a response.
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    how can i apply for PGNT? how much is the payment?
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    NSET and PGNT I would like to ask you a favor to please give us updates about it if there are still any in the future. Thank you!
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    Guys, just keep on passing requirements. my friend got accepted in slmc-gc's pgnt. i don't know when will it start. he told me it will be around the end of may.
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    did your friend underwent nset also? or just straight to pgnt?
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    Quote from NewlyGradBSN
    did your friend underwent nset also? or just straight to pgnt?
    He just passed his requirements, asked to return for exam and interview, then it turned out good. Now he's waiting for the start of PGNT. It was his first training in SLMC-GC.
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    what are the requirements for the pgnt?
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    Hi, the requirements for the position of staff nurse are just same with the PGNT, here it is, SLMC QC: 1. Resume + 2pcs 2x2 pic (white background) 2. GWA (from school) 3. Class Rankings (from school) 4. Board Rating 5. PRC License 6. TOR 7. Diploma 8. Board certficate 9. Birth certificate Clear long plastic envelope *Place it or drop it at the pigeon box annex II 5th floor near the stairs (I heard from my PGNT batch mate that there will be another batch this June but I don't know if it's true, you can call the HR to confirm) --------------------------------------------- and for the SLMC - Global city Resume & Board Rating ONLY *submit it to the guard at the employees entrance and that's it. --------------------------------------------- BTW our batch have just started last Wed (May 23). So try to apply as early as possible, who knows if there will be hiring anytime soon. ) Good luck and God bless!

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