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I was just wondering if any one has received a response from SLMC GC about the schedule of PGNT1 for batch 2? I already have submitted my requirements and I have paid the initial training fee just... Read More

  1. by   cheezy_curls
    About the rotation, I don't have any idea yet. I think that will be discuss when we reach the Phase 3 (OJT part).
  2. by   cheezy_curls
    I forgot to mention that we have just started last Wednesday ( May 23, 2012 ), I'm pertaining to the batch 3 of PGNT under SLMC-Global city. I just don't know if WHEN they will be open again for another batch. Let's just hope for the best and pray.

    God bless.
  3. by   desperateRN
    Hey guys, anyone who has an idea on when will the next PGNT start? Is SLMC-GC strict with work/training/volunteer experince? What if my previous job/s is/are not related to nursing, do I stand the chance of getting accepted for the training? After i submit my resume & board rating how long does it usually take to be notified about the next step? How does the entire application process go and what is the usual time frame? How much does the training cost (and what's included in that fee, e.g. uniforms? materials? etc.) and will there be a possibility of absorption afterwards? I'm so sorry if I have a lot of questions, it's just that I'm very eager/excited to go back to nursing... I already submitted my resume & board rating at SLMC-GC. Now I'll just have to wait for further instructions... Hoping for the best, desperateRN
  4. by   cheezy_curls
    They are not strict with that, meaning they "still" accept those who do not have ( and I guess I'm very lucky to be included here even if I don't have any experience related to nursing), but of course it will be an edge over others. They will text the applicants once they have the vacancy, so it's a case to case basis. ) But they are strict when it comes to board rating and GWA.

    Phase 1 - 3,000 (didactic phase)
    Phase 2 - 3,500 (didactic phase)
    Phase 3 - 3,500 (clinical phase)

    *the materials that will be used on the return demonstration will be free, you don't have to bring anything except for the stethoscope.

    *the possibility of being absorbed will be based on your performance and exams.

    I hope that I was able to answer your queries. Good luck and God bless!!!
  5. by   desperateRN
    Wow, thanks a lot cheezy curls!!! if I may ask, what's their preference with regards to the board rating and GWA? (what is their minimum requirement).. i hope you'll keep us posted regarding the progress of your training and if you get any sort of news regarding the next batch/schedule of the PGNT.. thanks a lot!!! God Bless... (btw, do you have a different uniform/scrub suit during PGNT or do you guys already wear the signature 'different shades of blue' scrubs of SLMC nurses with the red "RN" badge???)
  6. by   cheezy_curls
    Their minimum requirement for the GWA is 2.00 or it's equivalent and for the board rating it should be at least 80. ) I also overheard that slmc global will open a batch 4 for the PGNT (we are batch 3) but I'm really not sure if it's true because again that was just an overheard conversation. Just try to submit once in a while so that you may have a higher chance to be screened. (like a raffle LOL) Given that most of the applicants are qualified (just to remind others, there are sooo many qualified applicants), so the more resume you pass, the more chances of being screened. I hope it helps.

    Our phase 3 will start on July 23 ( which is our first day to wear uniforms ), uhm they allowed us to decide for the design but for the color we need to follow the different shades of blue. Uhm guys if you have questions or anything, feel free to ask okay? I'll try my best to answer any of those.
  7. by   desperateRN
    Thank you soooo much cheezy_curls! You've been a great help. Thank God both my GWA and Board Rating are meeting the requirement. Anyway, got some more questions for you, i hope you won't mind. How many are you in your batch? Is it really okay to submit resume and board rating certificate more than once? Like, let's say, once a month? hehe.. How many times did you submit yours before and how long did it take for you to receive an SMS/call invite from SLMC after you've submitted your resume? And what do you guys wear during Phases 1 & 2 of the PGNT? Please just keep us posted with any news about PGNT batch 4 if you get any.. Thanks!!!!
  8. by   nursejeh2009
    how will you know if you will be absorbed? will they announce it at your training or will they tell you personally? do you have any idea how many trainees were absorbed last batch? tnx.
  9. by   cheezy_curls
    Since phase 1 and 2 are purely didactic, they required us to wear corporate attire. You may resubmit your requirements at least once a month, there's nothing wrong with it. They'll just accept it anyway and also by that, you're just letting them know how really interested you are. Right?

    I submitted my resume twice, Feb and March. And SLMC called me on the 20th day of May (so that's four months of waiting lol...) But I have several batch mates who submitted theirs and was immediately called (they've just waited for days and don't even have backer). )

    We are 70+ as well as the batch 2 = 140+ nurse trainees O_O. But if I'm not mistaken, 14 out of 70 were absorbed from batch 2 and the remaining are still under evaluation (currently having their clinical phase).
  10. by   shinanigan
    Good for you! Do you know if they'll be accepting trainees anytime soon???
  11. by   desperateRN
    hey guys & gals,

    shout-out to cheezy_curls ! :d

    just want to ask, how does the "initial screening" work? is it an interview? an exam? a mix of both? i hope someone can answer this query.. thanks a lot!!!
  12. by   cheezy_curls
    Quote from desperatern
    hey guys & gals,

    shout-out to cheezy_curls ! :d

    just want to ask, how does the "initial screening" work? is it an interview? an exam? a mix of both? i hope someone can answer this query.. thanks a lot!!!

    did they called you? may i know when if you don't mind.
  13. by   cheezy_curls
    Quote from shinanigan
    Good for you! Do you know if they'll be accepting trainees anytime soon???

    They continuously accept requirements, but for the next batch of training I don't know when it will be or if there's any, try to submit one just to be sure.