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I was just wondering if any one has received a response from SLMC GC about the schedule of PGNT1 for batch 2? I already have submitted my requirements and I have paid the initial training fee just recently but I haven't received... Read More

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    Passing the IQ test doesn't give you an assurance that you'll pass the interview as well. You'll know when you're not accepted if they'll tell you that they'll inform you in about 2-3 weeks. They're more concerned on how you'll finance the training fee, the loyalty of your stay in SLMC-GC and any suspicious background/history. =)

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    Wondering if the first day of PGNT batch 4 will continue tomorrow despite the floods everywhere and the nonstop rain!?!?
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    UPDATE: Training moved on Aug. 13 due to floods everywhere.
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    Be safe guys. good luck on the 13th!
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    Hi kayeRn as i was backreading all the topics here i am eager to be part of pgnt.. May i ask is there any announcement for batch 5 already? And how are your ojt phase as of now? Can you give us some insights. Thaanks a lot!
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    Hi Harrypatuhr! I have no idea when will be the batch 5 take place. Just go directly to the HR/MPS office then pass the requirements. I hope they are continuously accepting applicants. Regarding our OJT? It's fun and we are learning a lot!
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    Ohh i hope they are still accepting applicants i am eager to be part of batch 5. Really? What ward are you in? Will you be rotated on different special areas?
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    So, pass your credentials while they are open for applicants. You'll never know when will they stop hiring. We were asked to give our preferred areas before phase 2 ended. If by chance the area is not available, they will decide where will you end up to.
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    Did you ended up where you want to be in? Yeh i just passed my credentials a while ago so im hoping that theyll call me. Thaanks a lot!
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    @Harrypatuhr: Most of us were deployed in our preferred units, the one we wrote on the list.

    Batch 4, how are you guys all doing?

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