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I was just wondering if any one has received a response from SLMC GC about the schedule of PGNT1 for batch 2? I already have submitted my requirements and I have paid the initial training fee just... Read More

  1. by   undecided/
    Hi kayern! Im part of batch 4. We're still on our first week for phase 1. Pure lectures. It's good so far. We're just a bit anxious about our first post test on Wed. By the way, just wanna ask.. Are there any of you who were assigned to special areas like ICU or OR? and did all of you made it to phase 3? One last. Do you know about the additional 1 month training if you pass phase 3? Thanks in advance!
  2. by   shinanigan
    Shoutout to all my batchmates in PGNT 4!!! We're doing great. Exciting! hehehe
  3. by   Harrypatuhr
    Are there some in your group kayern07 who are already hired?
  4. by   undecided/
    Got it kayern. Thanku so much! Sorry can't send a PM yet. But it's very helpful. Take care and Godbless.
  5. by   msgorgeous
    Hello guys! Badly need your help. I want to apply at SLMC-Global. Are they hiring RNs? Thanks.
  6. by   Pam08
    I just graduated last March and passed the recent board exams (June-July 2012). I have no experience whatsoever including the IVT. Do they accept fresh graduates in St. Luke's Global City or do you have to have clinical experience first before applying?
  7. by   shinanigan
    Quote from msgorgeous
    Hello guys! Badly need your help. I want to apply at SLMC-Global. Are they hiring RNs? Thanks.
    You might want to backread coz you'll surely find all the answers.
  8. by   applesncherries
    Is it hard to get into SLMC nursing program?
  9. by   winkies
    For the pgnt batch 4, are they still going to have batch 5? any news? I want to know.
  10. by   kayern07
    Just go to the HR, pass your requirements and see if they'll contact you for the batch 5! I heard that the training will be simultaneous (if i'm not mistaken).
  11. by   mrjoey
    Good day!
    Whats the update for PGNT batch 5? When will be the 5th batch of PGNT start?
    Thank You nurses!
  12. by   mrjoey
    shinanigan? hows your training? are you still on phase 1? whats d updates for the next batch? are they already starting to screen some qualified applicants?
  13. by   shinanigan
    I think the training program is continous. Just go there anytime to pass the requirements. As to when the batch 5 will start, I have no idea. we're now on our phase 2. lots to learn and study! haist