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if you were in this situation: - no experience and training. but passed NLE and NCLEX. - accepted that there's no way you could get experience without money if you have hundred thousand nurse competitors - have all the... Read More

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    Quote from tinesirk
    I'm interested with BOSH training. How can I have one?
    check this link
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    My sister-in-law lives in the Philippines so I thought I would just read through some posts to see how the conditions are for you guys...and my goes out to you all. I am amazed that you are in the position where you need to "volunteer" and pay to work in order to get experience. That is incredibly ridiculous, sad and disheartening!!! You have all earned your degrees and your nursing license...(and from what I have heard, your programs are pretty intense!). You have earned the right to be paid for the knowledge and skill that you possess....not volunteer & pay for the experience. I hope that this will be changed....(especially reading about your nurseatient ratios as well....not safe.).

    On the flip side, (just like others have posted) hiring in the U.S. for nursing positions is slower right now (although you will NEVER see a stateside nurse paying to work as a nurse)....the positions are not as plentiful as they were prior to this economic mess we are in currently. For new grads it is also difficult b/c more and more hospitals are looking for experienced nurses (so they are in the same position you are but no experience). Also, nurses who may be at an age to retire are deciding not to because of the economic situation.

    Nursing programs in the U.S. are also very competitive...there are many people who have applied multiple times to nursing school before they are admitted to the program. The nursing school I am currently at (for my masters degree) has decided to get rid of their nursing bachelor's degree there are even less openings.
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