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hello friends, i went to poea last wednesday to pass my requirements. they told me to wait for their text message, just wondering how long does it take for them to text me?... Read More

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    Quote from nabsy
    @indai: hi! what area do you specialize in? and are you a muslim? I passed my requirements last december and I didn't get any text..
    @nabsy: i'm a Christian. I've heard that POEA/SRO just randomly selected the files for interview.

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    Quote from IVPhRN
    i submitted my docu at poea last dec 15. got txted by poea-sro last march 10 @11pm to report at sro for exams interview on march 15. i passed and signed the contract of appointment that day, march 15. i was offered 3000. the muslim RT i met was offered 2500. she told me that there is an additional 15%(i don't know where she got that info). all i know was we'll be handling cardiac patients.. it was noticeable that march 15 applicants where all icu exposed nurses. i don't know what and where the hospital is located, someone even told me it's like a no no to ask what hospital is.
    i would like to ask if i could get my medical here in my province. coz i was txted last 17 to go to sro this mon-fri to get my refereral. is it compulsary to stick to sro's referal for medical or they honor gov't hospitals clearance?

    any idea as to what medical should i prepare if the gov't-province thing is okey...

    redpinkhe Good Luck to all of us!
    @IVPhRN: we have the same problem but you're lucky coz SRO has already texted you for referral. I haven't received a text from them. I signed the contract last march 18. I'm already here in Mindanao.
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    Quote from sittieRN
    Good day. I just want to ask what are the requirements to apply to POEA as a staff nurse. do they need NOC for ex abroad? pls help me wiht this.

    If anyone there who need to have samples on saudi council exam pls feel free to ask. i took the exam last year and i managed to wrte some of the questions.
    hi sittieRN!

    can you pm me some of the questions you managed to write? im planning to take the exam this may. thanksie! :redpinkhe
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    Quote from indai
    hi! i passed the interview and already signed the contract. i'm still waiting for SRO's text for my medical exam..haiz..
    hi indai! til when will they (poea-sro) be conducting the interview for nurses this march? a friend of mine was texted by poea sro and I haven't received any. she told me to go directly to poea and check on their list as some of the interviewees she became friends with during the interview haven't received a text message. I haven't visited the poea yet because of some family concerns.
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    @tweety001: hi! can i just go straight to SRO if there is a delegation or do i still have to pass my requirements @poea? also where can i find out when exactly in april will the delegation be? TIA!☺
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    @indai: you don't have to wait for their txt. if u have signed the offer of appointment last week, you are expected to come back to SRO this week. that's what they've said when i had my interview last week (march 17 - last day). as for me, i went back to SRO last monday to get the medical referral & was instructed to go to POEA for further instructions on medical exam. however, there is a problem on communication between SRO & POEA. all of us will be stuck on this step for a while. we'll be waiting for the text from SRO if we can already proceed to POEA.
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    Quote from arvicharlie
    @tweety001: hi! can i just go straight to SRO if there is a delegation or do i still have to pass my requirements @poea? also where can i find out when exactly in april will the delegation be? TIA!☺
    you have to pass your requirements @ poea. SRO won't accommodate walk-in applicants. as for april delegation, I just heard from other applicants.
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    @tweety001: thanks for your reply..will poea accept an applicant with only 1 yr experience?
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    Greetings fellow nurses,

    I would just like to ask regarding prometric exams.

    -Is it a requirement to pass the exam before applying thru POEA?
    -is it possible to take the exam only after job offer is given by Saudi delegates?

    thank you for entertaining my questions,
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    Yes. POEA are accepting applicants with atleast 1 year experience.

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