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Hello friends, I went to poea last Wednesday to pass my requirements. They told me to wait for their text message, just wondering how long does it take for them to text me?... Read More

  1. by   cutie_me_rn
    ms.zyfer,, its better if you will visit them to clarify things.. and this is what you've been waiting for so long.. you're still lucky because they inform you, others were still out of their mind if they were still included in the waiting list or not.. GoOdluck to yOu.. about me,, still waiting for their text, i've just gave my requirements last feb.. hope im also included on May exam and interview
  2. by   ross_diadame
    I'm wondering when will the next delegation will come. I applied at POEA before (2008) but my application was not accepted since my experience was that of volunteer. But now I have 1 year hospital experience in AFH as OPD nurse. Thank God, 2 years contract was not yet implemented or I will still be in that hell hole. ^_^

    I'm applying again via WorkAbroad but it seems there is less hiring now. Actually I am trying to apply as Dialysis nurse. I just finished my training and the exam. Maybe they'll accept me with just my HD training. If not then OPD nurse again is OK.

    Passing credentials to their provincial offices is useless. It seems they are not brought to POEA's main office or they become their scraps. :C
  3. by   acid,rn
    this is really informative i'll be taking my exam this may 6 please give some info on what at the pointers for the exam and what to bring during the exam... please please
  4. by   angelebry
    Hello nurses! I received a text message from SRO to report to them on April 25 for MOH exam/interview. Got curious what to expect. Anyone who experienced the said interview/exam?. Please provide me some info regarding this matter, I mean if what would be the center of exam/interview, if it is the same with the NLE here in the Philippines. Feedback is very much appreciated, thank you in advance!!.
  5. by   auspicious_princess
    Good Day Nurses!

    I also got a text message from SRO Re: MOH Exam and Interview on May 20 at 8am. Hope you could help us with what to expect([and review ) regarding the interview and MOH exam, what things do we need to bring and the like.

    Thanksie guys! yeah:
  6. by   Lyfer
    Quote from cutie_me_rn
    ms.zyfer,, its better if you will visit them to clarify things.. and this is what you've been waiting for so long.. you're still lucky because they inform you, others were still out of their mind if they were still included in the waiting list or not.. GoOdluck to yOu.. about me,, still waiting for their text, i've just gave my requirements last feb.. hope im also included on May exam and interview
    I gave them a visit last Monday, but unfortunately didn't receive any convincing answer to my question. They told me the reason why they invited other previous applicants for another exam/interview is because of unavailability of "job orders" which I do not clearly understand the relevance for us to have another exam and interview. "Why can't you just line us up on the next available job orders??" Those are the words I wanted to impose on them but of course that wouldn't be appropriate. They told not to worry and gave assurance that we will be included in the next line-up..I'm just not sure how true..

    About your concern, I think they are scheduling applicants' exam date alphabetically..it was like that last November..but you can check the announcement at POEA website if you want to verify. If you didn't see your name, then maybe you can also give them a visit at their (SRO) office.

    Anyway..still hoping for the best..
    Good luck=)
  7. by   Lyfer
    Hi to everyone who have upcoming exam this april and may.
    The written exam conducted at SRO (on my experience) was just like our regular exams during our college days..if you still remember them, then congratulate your self now 'coz you will pass the exam=) Mostly were basic theoretical questions. Expect that there will be multiple sets of exams (maybe 4), and sitting arrangement is one seat apart, so, even if your eyes are as sharp as a sparrow, sneaking on to your seatmate's paper won't help=D
    In my case, I have more MS questions. Don''t bother asking me to enumerate the exact questions 'coz I forgot it already. What I remember is that there were questions about insulin, hpn, meds, dosage calculations, positioning, endocrine glands..oh, i remember, there was this question about what gland is producing insulin, so maybe don't forget to familiarize yourself with anatomy.
    Maybe knowing the common complaints and cases in Saudi will also help. Like, cardiovascular problems, hypo and hyperglycemia, DM, MI, Stroke, Asthma and other respiratory problems, gastric problems, and also effects of Road Traffic Accident (fractures, internal hemorrhage, major nerve damages, etc) which is a very common case.
    To sum it up, we cannot totally predict the exact questions we are going to face on the exam, so just do your job, read, study, and have faith and trust in God.

    By the way, the important things you shouldn't forget to bring are:
    -PRC license
    -Basic calculator (mobile phones not allowed)
    -Extra ID - for the reception
    -Orange Card from POEA (SRO personnel sometimes look for it)

    So, well, good luck to everyone. God bless.^_^
  8. by   cutie_me_rn
    i went to SRO today to follow up my credentials because i did not received any text message from them. Then, they told me to go to Mr. ***** to verify. i saw my name and line up for june delegates for King Fahad Medical center.. im worried because it is under MOH or HOP, some told me there are lots of benefits in MOH than HOP.. is there anyone knows this matter?
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  9. by   babybear0614
    for those who will have an interview this april and may, when did you pass your requirements? please reply because i wonder why SRO didn't text me. I submitted mine last january of this year... thanks to those who will reply
  10. by   Lyfer
    Congratulations. You are actually luckier because you are lined up under KFMC. They said the benefits under MOH are better than HOP..but from my experience, I would still prefer HOP. Why? First, you will know in advance your hospital assignment. Second, hospitals under HOP are well-managed, lesser complains of delayed salary, or salary maybe delayed but will be immediately resolved, smoother processing of your contracts, and I think better accommodations.
    They said salary offers are higher in MOH than HOP. It could be true IF you will be so lucky to end up in very well-managed hospital..
    Most MOH nurses usually are deployed in dispensaries and secondary hospitals around the kingdom specially in remote, developing areas..some of the hospitals have terrible management. There are more cases of delayed salary, inaccuracy of salary rate, and delayed processing of new and renewal contracts.
    I'm not saying all of these to discourage anyone. I just want everyone to have a view of what you can expect there because many had been disappointed on first arrival at their workplace. But don't forget to look at the brighter side..you can work with your profession, earn higher than what you had earn in Philippines, gain experience, and gain a wider perspective about middle eastern culture^_^
  11. by   cutie_me_rn

    I really wanted to work in a big hospital especially if we do have plans going to western countries or other countries which needs hospital experience requiring more than 150 bed capacity. However, MOH sometimes gave bonus or increment and i dont know if those with the HOP receive the same benefits. Im thinking it would be unfair for the HOP because they have greater workload.
  12. by   Lyfer
    Exactly! If your main objective is to prepare for your future employment then HOP is a better choice. Even if MOH, most of the time, receives incentives and increases from the royal family, you cannot just buy "bed capacity" which is mostly required by reputable agencies here in Philippines.
    Besides, not all employees of MOH will really receive those increment on time, and some even needs to renew their contract to get something..
    But just like I said, it depends on the management of the hospital.
    I know someone under MOH who got into a nice hospital and she is earning, i think, 5k SAR. On the other hand, a friend of mine, with the same qualification as the former person, is having difficulties getting the proper salary meant for her and receiving the basic amount of 2250 SAR for 5 consecutive months now. It happened after her vacation. My conclusion is that the hospital office is not properly processing my friend's papers on time that's why she is the one suffering..
    By the way, HOP is also under MOH, and I haven't really understand why their policies with the incentives and salaries are different..
  13. by   cutie_me_rn
    @ms lyfer,

    I asked mr.******* if king fahad medical city is under MOH then he told me it is.. however, i insist if its HOP then he told me its HOP but under MOH but you are true why HOP and MOH have different incentives and benefits which in fact its all under MOH.. Are you for King Fahad Medical City? hope to see you there on the interview. Thank you for giving me informations.,

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