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hello friends, i went to poea last wednesday to pass my requirements. they told me to wait for their text message, just wondering how long does it take for them to text me?... Read More

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    Quote from cutie_me_rn
    ms lyfer,

    THANK YOU, your help is highly appreciated.. r u from kfmc delegation?

    You're welcome, Ms cutie_me_rn. =)
    I'm under HOP as well, but, bound to King Khalid Al Kharj.

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    ms lyfer, your from march delegation? u've been waiting for how many months?
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    ms. cutie_me_rn,
    I'm actually from November 2010 delegation, but our application was put on hold after exam & interview because of unavailability of Job Orders, as they (SRO) said.
    Just last May 3, we were recalled by SRO to have our re-examination & re-interview, but fortunately, the delegates decided to acknowledge our previous exam & interview, and thus, granting us our Offer of Appointment.
    I'm absolutely been waiting for so long already..In fact, I'm almost decided to stop pursuing my application..unexpectedly, they assigned me under HOP so I decided to grab it.
    And now, I'm waiting for my flight schedule. In God's will, it will come this July or August.^_^
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    good day everyone.. i just want to have an idea of how much did you paid for ur visa and the authentication fee...? tnx...:-)
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    Visa fee = $30
    Saudi embassy authentication = 420/document
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    thank you very much Lyfer...God Bless.. :-)
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    hi everyone!! can anyone provide me a list of documents needed to be pass at POEA?? thank you...
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    i had an exam this morning at SRO for King saud medical complex, passed the exam and interview and already signed the offer of appointment but they told us that they will just text us for the medical referral, but the special area nurse will get their medical referral tom already. how about for the general nurse, how many days are we going to wait...
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    to anyone here who is already working in KSA or knowledgeable enough to answer my queries, im already thanking you in advance

    what is the average salary of nurse?
    how many years of experience do they require?
    are male nurses welcome to work there?
    what agency do you recommend?
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    hi im new hir

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