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hello friends, i went to poea last wednesday to pass my requirements. they told me to wait for their text message, just wondering how long does it take for them to text me?... Read More

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    anyone here knows the number of ma'am **** (SRO) . i Just need to follow up my departure slip. tnx
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    The agency said at first it's a round P500..and then told me it's p420...and all od a sudden it's already P820! I ask her why it's so expensive..she explains that we need to pay to the liason officer and for the professional fee..etc..in short it's like there kick-back...
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    yeah..it's quite expensive knowing the original value of docs authentication..geez, double the price..
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    actually I dont know what to do or say to my agency that I should only pay the original prce of the documents not their price...
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    no text at all regarding my departure slip. i was evaluated last May 20. i went to SRO yesterday, and the only information i got is "just wait for the text". hoping that i will receive this precious text soon!! keep praying!! http://img.an-file.info/smilies/smile.gif
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    hi to all do anyone know when will be the next delegation of moh?i passed my requirement yesterday at poea
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    hope someone can enlighten you..im not expert in the processing of agencies since I have not tried employment under them..so, maybe i'll just wish you good luck ^_^
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    Quote from schiz05789
    hi to all do anyone know when will be the next delegation of moh?i passed my requirement yesterday at poea
    the delegation for King Fahad Medical City just ended last June 02..there is no certain date yet for another delegation..
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    for those MOH-HOP king fahad medical city applicants, the schedule for documentation briefing/ medical referral is now posted at POEA's website.
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    hello, im waiting for my departure slip, when i had my evaluation at POEA they accept my passport even if the expiration will be on MAY 28, 2013. i am aware that it should be atleast 2 years validity, but i wasnt bother to renew my passport since the contract is for 10months only. do you think they will still process my visa? its the big problem of mine. what should i do now?

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