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I am a US citizen who is thinking of enrolling in the Philipine PAramedical and Technical School ASN RN program, where the theory is done online, but I have to go back to the philippine for the clinical portion. The curriculum is... Read More

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    Hi, My wife is an online student with PPTS Davao and she is about half way through the academic portion of her study and we have been generally satisfied with PPTS thus far, sometimes their turn around is a little slow (based on US expectations anyway!)

    We found out from TESDA that PPTS Davao does not have a current license and we confirmed this with a PPTS administrator who said it was due to a change in ownership of the school and TESDA recertification is in process. It has been a couple of months (Jan 2011) and we are awaiting the confirmation of TESDA licensing.

    There is also a PPTS school in Cebu which offers online study and they have a current license from TESDA.

    Online nursing study is an absolutely perfect way to accomplish the academic portion of nursing school requirements, very flexible way to blend study with other work/family requirements for anyone who is serious & organized.

    PPTS Davao actually charges higher tuition for online study but still very reasonable by US standards.

    Good luck to all pursuing this noble profession!

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    PPTS Davao has updated their website with a link to TESDA, apparently they got their registration renewed.

    I suggest that you confirm in writing via email that they have all required documents now. They offer several advantages with online study and ladderized program, you just need to stay focused and apply the effort necessary to pass the challenge exam!

    Good luck.
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    Hello! I'd like to verify with other graduates from PPTS Davao. Do you have to wait for 6-8 months after graduation before taking the NCLEX? I was told that PPTS has to process something from TESDA. I am still waiting for the reply from them as I am not aware of this issue. I hope someone can share some information.

    Thank you!
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    Hi , my wife has been advised that PPTS is awaiting the final step in the TESDA recertification, a letter from the Philippines Nurses Association (PNA) I believe.

    NCLEX is administered out of US and the trans-pacific submission of credential to sit for the exam is probably time consuming but that time can be well spent really focusing to obtain passing test results.

    This website has the NCLEX info

    Good luck. The US health care is filled with Filipinos at every level, there are plenty of opportunities here to make good incomes.
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    Where did you apply for credential evaluation for the NCLEX Rn?

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    Hi, am an online student with ppts davao. So far the experience has been good, i recommend the school for anyone who is interested. Their curriculum is US based m half way to my career. Once am done with the online studies, i have to proceed to Philippines for the clinical's. So far, th studies has been good. Goodluck guys.
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    ive been trying to get a hold of anyone in PPTS (philippine paramedical tech school) im very interested in there programs ASN or LVN but no one is responding on my messages to them.can anyone help me here how to get into an online school with them. Im holding a US greencard and i want to go back to school to get ASN/LVN for my second course. I want to try an online school with them and i will go back to the Philippines for clinicals..Please help me. Thank you
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    Ok email or call +63-919-6389007. You can alro reach the registra on [email]
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    Thank you for the quick reply. Just wondering why PPTS Cebu and Davao is not affiliated with each other...ive been in contact with PPTS Cebu and they told me they are not connected with PPTS Cebu. Does anyone here know which school is better PPTS Cebu or Davao?Im ready to take up LVN or ASN online but i just want to make sure if i pick the right school.
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    does anyone here actually finished the program in the philippines and now has a licensed to work as an RN or LPN here in the us??? ive been planning to go back to pi to enroll in this school but im not really sure if this is the right school for me

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