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PGH feedback (continued) - page 4

Hi, I took the initiative to start another thread about PGH since the first thread closed. My dear colleagues please keep posting your inquiries, updates and what not about PGH in this thread. ... Read More

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    Hi NurseM015, I won't if I get included to the final list for RN Heals 4 in NCMH.
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    im planning to at least take the exam, just to experience it but im having second thoughts. hahaha
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    hi any news about the final interview? i had my panel interview last june 2011. still no feedback about the final interview though.
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    Hi smo2886. I had mine last October, I was told it might take 1-2 years before being summoned for the final interview.
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    Are they still accepting applicants until now? I'm a newly board passer. Is there even a chance to be hired or to be part of their training program without a backer? And sorry for this question but what is APCN stands for? Is that the nurse training program thingy?
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    You can do some backreadings nahchan regarding APCN per se. It'll be more helpful rather than answering your question. Anyways regarding the APCN application, they only release deans forms (which you will need before you can apply to the program) during a certain period of time. In my opinion, to be part of the training program it is possible but to be hired, that 'backer' is a big factor. Goodluck in your career! I'm also a fresh board passer like you. hahaha
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    Hello, I opted not to submit my requirement for APCN since I was short listed for RN HEALS IV at the National Center for Mental Health. Any updates guys? What happened?
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    Mikeru, so you also didnt pass yours. hahaha! me too, chose rnheals instead. much more practical.

    i hope there may be someone who can update us on what happened this january's APCN.
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    Per PGH, they are already calling people who passed the panel interview from February 2011 for Final Interview.

    Yey, 5 more months in the line... o__o
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    passed the exam. passed the interview. whuttup.
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    Quote from thorabeech
    Per PGH, they are already calling people who passed the panel interview from February 2011 for Final Interview.

    Yey, 5 more months in the line... o__o
    Nice nice, haha. I passed the panel interview last October 2012. 2 years...I'd appreciate it though if I can have the final interview before the year ends.


    You mean you had your final interview already?
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    hmmm they really are serious when they mentioned that the application may take two years..well, i know it's worth the wait..I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully, they will be able to finish the set of applicants from batch 2011 for final interview..
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    Sheateman: No, not yet. I had my panel interview last July 2011.. I'm hoping to have my final interview within this year and deployment maybe early next year. 3 years patiently waiting for the dream.

    OT: I am actually working abroad now, but I am willing to go back and work at PGH. The dream of working at PGH is still very much alive.

    Patience is a virtue. ^_^