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by mikeru22

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Hi, I took the initiative to start another thread about PGH since the first thread closed. My dear colleagues please keep posting your inquiries, updates and what not about PGH in this thread. Thanks! :speechless:... Read More

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    Hi werd, I haven't tried calling them yet. :P
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    Any news mike?.
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    Hello! I've been following this thread a long time, I just passed the December 2013 PNLE and up to now I'm onto submitting my applications to different hospitals in Manila.

    And just now, In the next few days I am planning to take the NPE at PGH (my dream hospital )...

    Any updates?

    Thanks in advance my fellow nurses
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    hi werd08, sorry I don't have any news from them as of now...been really busy at work these past few months. :P
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    Hello fellow RNs, is there anyone who had gone through any of the application process at PGH recently, are there any updates?
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    Hello guys! Something exciting's going on at PGH. I talked to 2 of our fellow RNs, one is currently an APCN trainee. He told me that PGH just called some applicants who had their final interview last March 2012 for the Job Offer. I happened to talk to another fellow RN who was just offered a position as an OR nurse.

    It might be a long wait but hey, it's not really hopeless is it?

    I would go to the DNRD one of these days to update my resume and I would post further updates here if I would hear some other updates.
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