hi..can i ask somebody here, have an idea about the training in ospital ng maynila or anybody who have been an experiences there.please share your experiences:)..sharing your experience is very much appreciated.thanks... Read More

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    @ littlemissME- when did you pass your application? Thnx

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    @newmeeh: that's what they will tell you and you have to wait for nothing. they have backer system, my friend was backed by a resident doctor and she started her duty right away! it's really unfair, try to talk to mayor ***. it's really not fair, i got very high board rating but no use.
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    hi..can someone pm me the name of the chief nurse and the hospital director of ospital ng maynila? the one that i will put in my application letter! thanks!
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    please pm me also the details about the letter of intent (hospital director and Chief nurse) please. thank you in advance
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    Quote from jia0329
    guys.. can you pm me the details about the letter of intent (hospital director and Chief nurse) please..
    thank you

    me too guys.. pls pm me the names of the hospital director and chief nurse.. thank you very much! God bless you all
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    @yssed and redpink address your letter to: dr. isaias r. cando
    director ospital ng maynila thru: mrs. ****************, rn, man chief nurse.. about your letter of intent just state there your reason for applying as a volunteer nurse and what can you offer them as a volunteer.. gud luck!!!
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    @ littlemissme what kind of test and interview your pertaining to? i know that tests and interviews will be done after we had completed the program.. btw, me and my twin sis were also scheduled to duty this coming sept 13.. see yah!
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    @ebony tria:hi!i just wanna ask,when did you submit your credentials at OMMC?did it took you a long period of time before they have given you your schedule for duty?
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    (Dear moderator, please allow my post. Thanks!)

    Just want to share my "experience" again with this hospital. I passed my credentials together with a resume and letter of intent last July 1, 2010. Addressee of the letter should be:

    To: *************
    Hospital Director

    Thru: MRS. *************, RN, MAN
    Chief Nurse

    The nurse who accepted my application said that I must call their office ******** after 3 weeks to verify the status of my application. I called on July 22 and I was informed that it was processed, HOWEVER I must call back again to know the schedules for the volunteer program. Some of us here elaborated as to how the "employment" process would go: volunteer, exam and interview then if it's fate (hehe), RN might get absorbed by the hospital.

    Last callback I made to them was on August 23, 2010. I was told that I have to call again to know the schedule of the volunteer program. Now she added something different, I don't know exactly if this was supposed to boost my morale or mock me, but there is a batch of RNs who are now serving at the hospital and these people had passed their applications last January 2010.

    I may have to call them, every month or week if I have to. Who knows what's gonna happen next? We always just have to try.
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    did anybody take their exam already? what was it about? what topics that needs to be reviewed?

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