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Good day to everyone... I'm a fresh graduate from saint mary's university here in bayombong nueva vizcaya. I just finished my BSN course with the help of my CHED scholar. I planned to have my review course and will take my... Read More

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    1 million kudos for you!!! money aint nothin compare to a hardwoking and dedicated student like you...! let me share this i think there's a lot philippine nurses blog out there that have a review and Q/A materials it can help you alot but most of all dont forget the DIVINE INTERVENTION!

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    Thanks for your reply guys... I'm sorry for my late reply because I've been so busy this passing days. I'm trying to finish all my cases and other requirements for clearance...

    I just went to our "baryo" last May 6-11. I went to my cousin's house who is also a nursing graduate and a registered nurse since 2010. Her mother, my Aunt, gave me some of her reading materials and test questionnaires she used during her review in Baguio. She also gave me her daughter's notebooks... I actually don't have any notebooks right now, it's just because I'm not fund on taking notes, I just can't right legibly...

    I hope all this materials will be useful in my review...
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    Hi helloimDee! If you will let me, can I also have have a copy? Thanks and God bless!

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