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Just graduated last March 2008 and took the boards this June. The thing is, I'm a chronic carrier of Hepatitis B. I already searched the forums and from what I've read, hospitals in the USA, Canada,... Read More

  1. by   ashfia
    i hope i can go to abroad too =(
  2. by   waterleily
    Where are you going ashfia? Are you planning to go to Australia too?..
  3. by   luvz23
    hi waterleily..I havent proceeded yet to my application coz some of my documents are not complete yet.. Im still focusing in reviewing Ielts by myself..How about you? Are you just waiting for your result? I heard from my agency it depends on the embassy if they will give us visa and it depends upon your health.. I am also worried about it coz I havent check up with my doctor..Sooner I'll ask her advice regarding my condition. I hope it will be a good news...Tell me more about your status now??Lets just be strong and pray always..Actually I badly wanna go there coz I havent exerienced working as a licensed nurse.. I always wanted to serve our nation but theres no palce for us here..too bad its the reality..I,m scared to be rejected.
  4. by   waterleily
    @luvz23 I'm also scared, to the point of giving up.. I already submitted my documents to the embassy..I am waiting for their e-mail for my medical doctor told me that I can go abroad as long as the HBV DNA level is low or negative...but I am still worried, I have read somewhere in a forum (not this forum, can't remember what site) regarding Australian Visa application that he was rejected due to his health condition, they stated that his condition will cost the health insurance there and he can be a liability to the gov't and taxpayers (that's what i understand to what he wrote), even though he won't be working as a nurse, he was applying as an immigrant... That's why I got worried. During my last check up my HBV DNA level was already negative, but I just don't know..I'm praying really hard that I can pass.. , I hope we can make it..
  5. by   mayumi1983
    Always pray and hope for the best. I'm a chronic Hepatitis B carrier too, and now working as a nurse here in Canada. My experience in the Philippines when I'm still studying was so traumatic, I was expelled from the college of nursing because I was tested positive before the capping ceremony. My world and my dream collapsed that time. I never had a hospital experience in the Philippines because of the health care discrimination but when we migrated here in Canada I was able to do the Bridge to Canadian nursing course and had my CRNE and passed it.
  6. by   waterleily
    @mayumi: wow! good for you are so lucky.. I hope I can pass the medical examination for Australia too.. you just gave me couraged..Thank you..

    Your school was so harsh on you..they are so dumb for thinking that you can't be a nurse even if you are chronic hep b+, anyway good for you that you are able to achieve your dream in Canada, I hope I can achieve mine too in Australia..
  7. by   luvz23
    @waterleily: Please update me too regarding your process.. I will always pray for you too.. Just be thankful that God has lways give us a healthy status...In what field in nursing you wanna take up soon??.. Anyway, actually I am a single mom thats why I badly need to aim high for the future of my son..Wish us all the best!!!

    @mayumi: Thank you soo much for your inspiring story..

    AND I do hope to those people who had same experience please share it to us especially to those nurses in Australia now.
    THANKS in Advance!!Godbless you
  8. by   enzeearen
    how is ur new zealand venture?
  9. by   waterleily
    Hello Guys! I am so happy to inform you that my student visa for Melbourne, Australia has been approved.. My class will start on August 6, 2012.. I really thanked God for his help.. I hope we all can make it.. God Bless All!

    P.S., As long as you are asymptomatic it won't be a problem..
  10. by   cuidado
    hi guys, im on the same boat as you guys, don't lose hope, im here in aus working as a nurse in an aged care facility, they will not discriminate you if you have it, but we do have limitations in areas we can work with, like OR, dialysis
  11. by   angellicRN`
    hi waterleily! it's good to hear that! I am a bit worried too.. I am also a nurse here in the Phils. and I am planning to work in Victoria Australia.. What are other workups they have let you performed after they found out that you are Hep B reactive? Can I already take IELTS.. please give me some news.. I really want to work there,, thanks
  12. by   waterleily
    @angelliRN: Yeah you can take ielts.. just apply they won't discriminate.. good luck you us!
  13. by   sunflower11
    Hello. waterleily. Welcome to Melbourne . I am now studying nursing in Melbourne as well. I am also a hbv carrier. could I have your email or something ?