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Just graduated last March 2008 and took the boards this June. The thing is, I'm a chronic carrier of Hepatitis B. I already searched the forums and from what I've read, hospitals in the USA, Canada,... Read More

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    in my gmail vhige09 (i don't know if we are allowed to give email add, but I just did anyway) :P
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    Wow Im so happy for yah guys...Specially to you waterleily.. Wish to see you all gaiz there,..but I need your help can you introduce good agency??hope you respond to me gaiz...God bless you all..
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    hey, waterleily, I have sent you a email. but I am not sure if I've sent to the correct email address. could you please check your email when you are free.
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    @sunflower: I didn't receive any e-mail from you.. what's your mail?
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    Hello, waterleily. Congratulations and good luck in your nursing career there in Australia. I'm just curious if you declared that you had Hep B during your medicals? I've been exposed to the virus but am completely cured.. My gastroenterologist just advised me to continue to monitor my liver enzymes through blood tests every 6 months.
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    @sephyhoney: Thank you! Yep~ I declared it.. even if they did not require me to do some blood tests at first, then when I declared it, they performed some followup tests.. and that's it ^__^
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    Thank you waterleily. ^_^ One follow-up question if you don't mind.. Which school did you enroll in for your BP prgram in Melbourne? Did they require you to show a record of your immunizations? I've been doing some research about schools and they require a record of the immunizations. If I got hep B through exposure, would that decrease my chances of being admitted to that school? But I guess I would not have to worry much because you're proof that we have a chance. God bless you and your endeavors always.
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    I'm not yet into BP program, I'm still reviewing for my OET and if I pass, I will enroll for the BP program, you can get vaccinated here bec they only require MMR and DPT I guess and then Hep B, which I think is not of use for us, and then get an immunization record.
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    wow, i am so thankful that i found this site. now i am not alone anymore on my situation. i am also a nurse and struggling with my dreams because i got this hepa b. only my closest family knows about my situation. at least now i can talk to you guys openly about this. i felt inspired when i read testimonies here who were able to go abroad even with hepa. God lead me to this site for me to strengthen my faith to Him. Let us believe and have faith guys that God always knows what is best for us. We will not be this far of becoming nurses if it were with God's blessings if it were not from His love. Even if we have hepa guys let us not stop believing that God loves us, and He has ways of proving that we could still get our dreams come true by trusting Him.
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    thank you so much for the inspiration and encouragement jahda_ph may God bless you more
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    just keep the faith guys, if anyone wants to know how to work as a nurse here in australia, just pm me
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    hi cuidado. i want to work as a nurse in australia. how can I possibly contact you? thanks
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    hi james, you can start browsing on this thread, you can contact me thru pm, when you have accumulated enough posts. 906, is that your birthday? if yes, then we share the same hehe

    to sum up on how to get that AU RN and eventually land a job you do (presuming you're licensed in our country and has a minimum of 3 months volunteer/paid experience): 1. take IELTS (all 7 in all subtests). 2. submit requirements to AHPRA, wait for the eligibility letter that tells you that you can now proceed to scouting for schools that offer the bridging course for overseas trained nurses (waiting time around 3-9mos). 3. enrol in a bridging course, pay the tuition fee. (course duration 3mos-1yr depends on the school) 4. apply for your visa, (business visa 456 for courses that lasts for just 3 months, student visas for longer). 5. if visa approved, fly to oz, do your course, scout for jobs while waiting for your AU RN license.

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