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No job in nursing in the Philippines, what to do? - page 13

So here's the thing: Worked in a call center as I waited to have my results for the boards.. when I got my license, I resigned, which was actually around last week of December 2007. Then on, tried to... Read More

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    to rogue_maverick: how did you apply in Caribbean? what is your agency? I'm also interested.
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    As of now there's an opening in Trinidad and Tobago.

    You might want to check it out.
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    theres a lot available jobs if you now how to look at it....don't focus yet on nursing jobs..try to look for other alternative jobs....
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    @rogue: yes I saw the add but it requires 5 years exp I guess.

    I think I saw also the opening before for hemodialysis at Grand Placement Agency. Is this your agency back then? TY.
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    Yes chinita.
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    @rouge: nice! so you are in Trinidad and Tobago right now? is is a hospital or a dialysis center?
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    It's a dialysis center owned by a company with several dialysis centers across the caribean. At this moment i'm in Guiana, country east of venezuela.
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    wow. that's great. Thanks.
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    I assume you are a dialysis nurse. Am I correct?
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    @rouge: hmm.. yeah.. and I want to apply also in carribean countries. can you help find an employer?
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    Just keep on dropping by at

    You never know when the right opportunity pops in. I have no power to hire people directly as of the moment so that's the most I can suggest.

    in the mean time, enjoy your work in the Philippines, because once you get to work overseas, there will be a lot of times you'll gonna miss home.

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