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Hello everyone, I am planning to review for the nclex-rn exam in Manila. What review center would you recommend? By the way, I lived in Marikina, so I prefer review centers in Marikina, QC or Manila. Also, how much is the... Read More

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    rachelle allen offers a classroom-setting-type-of review it allows interaction between the lecturer and the students. the review is comprehensive. they even offer unlimited coffee and water. everyone there is friendly and accommodating!!!! two thumbs up for my RA family

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    So have you already passed your nclex exam? Did you study by yourself or enrolled in a review center? Id like to know coz i'll be having my nclex too and i dont have a good habit ofreading by myself. i prefer a class review. Thanks
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    I used Saunders and Kaplan strategies. I did a self review. It worked for me. take my nclex for 1st try and passed it. Currently I'm working now
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