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Hi Can someone give comments and reviews regarding NEAC at St. Thomas square that caters to nclex application. Are they reliable and true to their words? Are the fees they are charging reasonable... Read More

  1. by   carlos67
    I'm working in Dubai as a nurse. I passed the NCLEX in California and i I availed NEAC service for my endorsement application to Oregon. The service they have provided me for online application is great so far. Im so glad that there is a company who assist an exam application especially for those nurses who are working outside the country. I have now my Oregon license and thanks to ma'am *****.. she really provide me a great service by replying my quiries asap.. all my questions were being answered.. i recommend neac for all OFW or even nurses who are busy...their service is not cheap ofcourse but it's worth it
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  2. by   simonppn
    hello fellow colleagues, i just like to ask anyone of you if how much money did you spent for the whole process availaing the service offered by NEAC? i mean, can u give me some estimated amount of money that i need to pay for the whole process? i liked to take NCLEX NY or NJ. thanks a lot
  3. by   jbutterfly09
    hello! did you take ielts/toefl before getting a CES report?
    bec according to ILBON toefl/ielts may be waived if my nursing program was conducted in English.

  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from jbutterfly09
    hello! did you take ielts/toefl before getting a CES report?
    bec according to ILBON toefl/ielts may be waived if my nursing program was conducted in English.

    CGFNS usually indicates once they received all relevant documentation to whether English exam is required or not
  5. by   rio27
    Hi, how long did you wait for the evaluation of your credentials? During the pre eligibility, the neac didn't gave you also the cgfns ID? Just wondering about this, I avail their service and worried why they won't share it with me.
  6. by   mark01
    Hi All! Im also NEAC applicant and thanks God i passed the NCLEX with their assistance. My state is Illinois. With regard to my CGFNS ID for my Credential evaluation, i dont have to ask them because it's in your NEAC account. They usually don't give it during the process but once you are eligible they will give it to you. The service they provided to me was very helpful since i have no clue and knowledge how to apply NCLEX especially there ar 50 states to apply. NEAC was very helpful.. i just paid the application fees and their service fee and they were the one processing everything except for my school. They will just give you the forms to be forwarded to school and you will be the one to process it. IELTS was not required by me according to NEAC since my school (UST) language of instruction was English and our textbook were English..I dont know about other school in PH if same with UST..NEAC will inform you if needed or not. The service fee i paid was ofcourse not cheap but it's really worth it since the process is really complicated and instructions are not clear with U,S. Board of Nursing. With NEAC, they already knew everything since they are specialized with NCLEX application. As long as you can afford to pay their service fee then its better for you to avail their service rather than doing by yourself and you will commit mistake..atleast when we let someone who will handle the application, they will be responsible with our application since we paid for it. It's good to have someone like NEAC for helping our exam application.
  7. by   Lastrelaguer
    Hi. Just wondering, how were you able to take the NCLEX-RN with CA BON?
  8. by   miles walvekar
  9. by   Seashell16
    May I ask how long it took them to process your NCLEX application? And how much you pay? Coz I'm planning to take also for the state of Illinois. Thank you.
  10. by   teejaa
    NOT RECOMMENDED!!! Worst experience. Paid in advance but didn't get the papers right on time. TOO MUCH DELAY because of their so called MANY NEW APPLICANTS. That's not our problem, though. POOR QUALITY PERFORMANCE. THEY DONT CHECK THE PAPERS THEY SEND TO THE BON. SO THATS ANOTHER DELAY.

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  11. by   butterhamme
    My experience with NEAC is by far the WORST feeling ever!!! I started my application DEC 2016 up until today I'm still waiting for my ATT from MN BON. They told me it was the retake form that should have been sent since it was retake and my employer sent it twice before. I even called MN BON regarding this and they told me I should start from scratch exceeding a year from my previous exam before availing neac's service. Why would I even need them it will be just retake form that needs to be sent? It is even written on MN BON's policy. NEAC's staff cannot exactly tell me what is the real cause of the delay. I read some neac's unsatisfied nclex applicants and yes it has something to do with the bulk of applicants vs the staff ratio. The emotional drama and the impact to my review is so intense that I don't even think of passing the exam anymore I JUST WANT TO TAKE NCLEX AGAIN! On-time payer here but neac will just see you as "payer" not even a professional they just want your money this time. Oh! Suggest more friends to avail there service you'll get a freak'n 500php incentive deductible to your application fee. Huh! What an irony!