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hi mark from philippines, just recently i pass the licensure exam for MOH-OMAN ..I would like to hear any comments,suggestions or words of encouragement from nurses in oman specially... Read More

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    Quote from plugred
    Hi! I would like to know if MOH Oman verifies work certificate so I can call my previous employer. Thank you!

    Yup i think they do randomly so better call your previous employers.
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    i dont know where did they get that salary will increase for us.. just read it fellas..
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    Quote from gaga143 i dont know where did they get that salary will increase for us.. just read it fellas..
    Hi gaga, ur working here also in oman? Which part are you from?

    Well actually we have asked our admin and fellow omanis regarding that post and they told us that its not meant for us, it is for the administrative dept of their sector. Our post was already published last nov . Check out this link,

    Well just keep our fingers crossed that it will come this jan. =)
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    yes im from south batina.. well if it'll be.. great news.. but hard to expect cuz i personally asked that too to our admin here and he just said "hope for the best" --- he wasnt sure.

    hw abt u? wer r u?
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    Quote from AuwieFabila
    hi! may i ask how much did oman moh offered? if basic is 300+, what about the others? im far from manila so before i take any steps im making sure it is worth. pls help.. how much be the total offer or salary monthly?

    uhm auwie, do u have another 0ffer from other country?

    which batch u from? are u hired by royal or moh?

    beause in MOH, it doesnt matter what experience u hav. u can be frm special area (nicu,sicu,micu,ccu,or) and u'l be assigned in health center located at far mountains or dessert and if u r lucky enough u'l be assigned in the nicest place, muscat.

    i am not dscouraging anyone because its better here than in PH...