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I am currently a 3rd year nursing student studying in UPHR-Las Pinas. I need help researching for information about Military Nursing in the Philippines. Can anyone please these questions for me? Thanks!! 1. What are the steps... Read More

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    Quote from Doza
    military nurses can get deployed anywhere and everywhere, especially if youre new. keep that in mind

    did a year of rle in v luna a few years back, the charge nurse in my ward, age 40-yish came to work in wrinkled (i mean absolutely wrinkled) uniform.
    Hi! Mine was different. For 2 years, we had to salute to the officials (calling them just Sir/Ma'am is a sign of irreverence) and make sure that our uniforms are not wrinkled and our white shoes remain at their whitest. Whew!
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    thank you
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    hello does anybody here from afp nurse corps describe the life in military nursing? the initial physical training.. etc., thanks
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    i would like to hear the same thing as well king1srael.
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    Thanks for posting this very informative details! Kudos to all aspiring military nurses like me:-)

    P.S. Would anybody mention some of the physical trainings?
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    is it true that they accept nurses with below 80% board rating? true is that?
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    yes. those who got below 80% are to be given a 100-item exam. thoase who got 80 and above will be given a set of 35.. that's what I've read from the previous posts
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    Hi good day everyone I'm interested to join in nurse corps, but the problem is I'm from zamboanga, do I need to go to manila to apply at camp aguinaldo? or there's a place here or near zamboanga that I could apply?thanks for the reply...
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    and btw do they accept w/ height of 5'3'' 1/2 ..I've read on that they accept ht 64 inch for males its 5'3'' 1/3 i guess..
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    and BTW are they accepting w/ height of 5'3'' 1/2?

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