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I am currently a 3rd year nursing student studying in UPHR-Las Pinas. I need help researching for information about Military Nursing in the Philippines. Can anyone please these questions for me? Thanks!! 1. What are the steps... Read More

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    is villamor still accepting volunteers? does anybody know how to apply for their volunteer program and the requirements needed to pass? thank you.

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    hello, i am a new nurse, i want to apply as a military nurse however they said that the opening will be next year, are there anyone who can tell me the dates or if there is any update for it, thank you, i appreciate your help.
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    Just address it to the current AFP chief nurse. In my letter I just placed:
    Office of the Chief Nurse
    Bulwagang Valdez Building
    Camp Gen. E. Aguinaldo
    Quezon City
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    I think early next year. Just be prepared. It can be from January to March. Just my idea.
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    not to dampened your spirits guys but the desk officer said that they will not accept any applications until the first quarter next year and they are still processing those who have applied last 2009. but if you really want this very much, applied ASAP once they have opened again their applications (april or may next year), and try to familiarize yourselves with military hospital setting (i highly recommend Vluna- they offer training program)
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    -sir, does 5'3'' 1/2 height for male is acceptable? I'm wiling to join NC but unfortunately I'm not qualified with my height
    -do they require to speak English during the interviews?
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    they don't require you to speak english during the interviews but remember that you need to impress the panel of senior NC officers who will conduct the interview. being scheduled for an interview means that you passed the written exam. only a few pass the exam so don't waste your opportunity.

    with regards to your height problem, i suggest that you call the OTCN if they will allow you to apply.
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    thank you for the reply sir soul..
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    Good morning. I'm a new member. I just want to ask for any idea regarding lateral entry to the nurse corps. Like from Philippine Navy to Nurse Corps?Is it possible?Thankz..I will appreciate your comments/suggestions.
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    What would be the chances if you are already commissioned in the reserve force AFP, under technical administrative services, a nurse corps, but with an average of rating ranged to 75% to 79%, what is a chance to become a regular nurse corps, and how and what are the steps in applying for regular nurse corps?

    discrimination: because they require 80% average, can we retake the board examination to get 80% or more,

    A Lieutenant Colonel told me, you can join in military nursing, regardless of board rating as long as you passed the board exam, you can still become a military nurse through applying reserve force as your stepping stone..

    Filler CAD- one of the choice but 2 years..

    Tell the process for applying a CAD...


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