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I am currently a 3rd year nursing student studying in UPHR-Las Pinas. I need help researching for information about Military Nursing in the Philippines. Can anyone please these questions for me?... Read More

  1. by   mrvoldy
    Quote from burlogsKING
    hi! got already my license.. wen u submit d initial requirements, u can readily take d exam?? thnx please reply!!
    @burlogsKING: no, when you submit the initial requirements, you will be first assess there by the desk officer if you are qualified to take the exam, if yes, you will be scheduled and you will be notified thru text..
  2. by   frituplus
    @johnjo: Thank you for that one. I appreciate your help. If you have any idea about the schedule of the qualifying exam for the next batch of trainees for the nurse residency program at East Ave Medical Center, kindly inform me here. I check this thread from time to time and as I have observed, your posts are really helpful. Keep that good attitude God bless.
  3. by   mrvoldy
    @frituplus: you mean the rn residency program at AFPMC? sure, i'l keep you updated... but in our orientation, the months for application are: november- december (for those who will start in feb) and may- june (for those who will start in august) wow i appreciate that .. its just my simple way of "giving back" to those people who had also helped me in this forum
  4. by   rissaRN
    hi there...
    may i know what are the requirements needed,...
    hoping for a reply...
    thank you so much....
  5. by   Esteysi
    Quote from rissaRN
    hi there...
    may i know what are the requirements needed,...
    hoping for a reply...
    thank you so much....

    Requirement for AFP Nurse Corps (1 Original and 1 photocopy):
    -Resume (Original)
    *Please indicate in your resume if you are a military or civilian dependent (meaning if you are a son or daughter of a military or civilian personnel in the AFP)
    *Sign your resume at the end part
    -Board Rating & Passing
    -PRC License
    -Birth Certificate

    *They will not get all your requirements. They will just review it to make sure it is real and not fake. After reviewing it they will return all your requirement and then they will ask you to log your name in their log book with your Cellphone No.
    *They will just text you for your exam schedule.
    *You should be 21 y/o when you apply. They will tell you to return back to them if you are still underage. In my case,i waited for my 21st bday then the following day i applied.
    *CORPORATE ATTIRE!!!they are very STRICT when it comes to the dress code (Females-SKIRT not pants or slacks!!!)
    *They accept applications anytime between 8am-5pm (don't go there during lunch breaks, around 12-1pm, it is very disrespectful)
    *Even if they told you to just wait for their text, it is still a good thing to go there or call them to follow up your application. So, if you apply there ask them if you can have the no. of their office so that you can follow up your application to them.
    *Feel free to go there and ask them some questions, all of the personnel there are very professional and they will attend to you for sure.

    Hope this helps!!!Goodluck with your application!!GODSPEED!!!
  6. by   bella34rn
    hi, im a new member, can i ask what will be the coverages of the exam?? and how hard it will be?? thank you,,
  7. by   rissaRN
    @ Esteysi

    thank you so much...this will really help me...
    but looks like i still need to wait some months coz im still 20...
  8. by   Esteysi
    Quote from bella34rn
    hi, im a new member, can i ask what will be the coverages of the exam?? and how hard it will be?? thank you,,

    The exam i took is a 100-item test. When i was screened, i was told that i will only take a 35-item test because of my board rating. I learned from others that when you have a board rating of below 80%, you will take the 100-item test while if you are above 80% you will take the 35-item test (Passing rate is 30). I was really confused when they gave me the 100-item test but i did not questioned it because all of us have the same exam.
    The 100-item test that i took was really hard for me. Coverage: Everything under the sun. All the questions came from different subject areas as far as i analyzed it, so you must really prepare. But it is a real advantage that i just took the July 2010 Board exams because some of the concepts is still fresh to me. 50 % of the exam is essay so do good at that part. There are computations but i don't know if you are allowed to use calculators so ask them if you may(In my case i did not use calculator). There are also critical thinking questions just like the ones we have in the board exam. I forgot to ask them the passing rate for that 100-item exam and how will they score the essay part, so i suggest that you ask them. You are applying for the Nurse Corps so expect that they have a very high standard for that exam.

    Well i hope this helps...GODSPEED!!!
  9. by   Esteysi

    There is a directive that lowered the height requirement from 5'2 to 5'0 (for females). So you are qualified. Im only 5'1'' and i passed the screening.
    Im not sure in the Males if they lowered it.

    @jef miru

    There is no specific date or scheduled of the qualifying exam . After, you are screened you will be notified thru text when is your schedule.

    To all:

    When you enter the Nurse Corps you CANNOT choose which branch of service(Army, Air force, navy, marines) you would like to go. I attended the seminar about military nursing in our school last year and the resource speaker is the current Chief Nurse, AFP. I asked her if we can choose a branch of service in the NC. She said no and that you may be assigned in the different branch of service. So be prepared. Anyways, we are health professionals our services must not have boundaries.

    Hope this helps...GODSPEED!!
  10. by   Esteysi

    Your Welcome!!Glad i can help!!!Well at least you still have time to review your nursing concepts..^____^

    Goodluck on your application!!!GODSPEED!!!
  11. by   darrenacierto
    hi there...
    may i know whose to be address for the application letter?
    ill wait for the reply thx..
  12. by   rissaRN

    as far as i know there's no need for application letter...
  13. by   MIKKIE
    Sir/maam just want to ask .. are there any standard protocols to follow when it comes to haircut/ especially for females?