MIDWIFERY EXAM Philippines (from RN to RM)

  1. Hi everyone! I read the Midwifery-Law.pdf from PRC. It says that a registered nurse can challenge the midwifery exam and be a RN-midwife without taking a course in a school. What a RN must only do is to complete 20 deliveries handled, 5 sutures and 5 IV injections then submit it to PRC and challenge the midwifery exam. However, (i'm not certain regarding this) some says, this year 2010 this law was changed. Everyone (including RNs) must take a 2-year course in a midwifery school for them to be able to challenge the midwifery exam. I am confused. What is the real deal this year 2010 regarding this? Kindly help. BIG THANKS! God bless you guys!

    i have downloaded the PRC Case Completion Form for Midwifery Exams from this site: 17281548 PRC Case Completion Form for Midwifery Exams
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    Hi there.. Any updates about your RN-RM?